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Partner Overview

Key to Metals AG is focused on developing and operating the Total Materia, the world's most comprehensive material properties database. With over 15 million records, powerful Web and desktop search functionalities, and unique proprietary algorithms for metal identification and cross-referencing, Total Materia provides daily solutions and savings to engineers and designers worldwide.

Total Materia serves a diversified portfolio of customers in more than 100 countries, ranging from micro companies to Fortune 500.

Solutions Overview

The Total Materia database includes over 15.000.000 records for more than 400,000 metals and non-metals originating from 69 countries/standards:

  • More than 320,000 alloys
  • Polymer, composite, fiber, ceramic and other non-metallic materials
  • most comprehensive international cross-reference tables
  • chemical composition
  • standard reference
  • mechanical and physical properties
  • heat treatment diagrams
  • guidelines on suppliers
  • properties on elevated temperatures
  • stress strain and fatigue properties
  • Corrosion and welding information
  • and more.

Total Materia is the only global platform in the industry in 25 languages, including Chinese, Russian, Japanese, and Korean, and the most dynamic update policy, with the database being updated every month, thus providing our users with reliable, always up-to-date information. Note that current CAE material data libraries can cover up to a hundred materials and Total Materia is ~1000 times bigger.

In addition, the Total Materia module Extended Range, offers absolutely unique material data essential for advanced FEA calculations. Examples include stress-strain curves for calculations in the plastic range, fatigue parameters, fracture mechanics data and more for both metallic and non-metallic materials.

Moreover, Total Materia can be effectively used beyond calculations and analysis, e.g. in specifying bill of materials, finding alternative materials and sourcing opportunities and in other parts of product lifecycle where precise information about material properties is important.

The Synergy

Users of Siemens PLM software can get a unique resource for material properties that can be utilized in a large scope of engineering calculations and simulations:

  • Material data needed for calculations in the elastic range for over 400.000 materials worldwide through the readily available standard dataset are only one click away – information available for Siemens PLM Software users in seconds instead of hours of searching
  • High quality of the data due to certified process and strong data coupling with standard specifications
  • For advanced FEA and CAE calculations, stress-strain curves, fatigue parameters, fracture mechanics data and more are provided that cannot be found anywhere else, thus providing software users with much more opportunities for analysis and more safety (about 29.3% of all failures are caused by poor design or lack of knowledge about materials properties!)

Main benefits for Siemens PLM users:
  • saving hours of searching for the data, often in vain
  • getting high quality of the data due to certified process and strong data coupling with standard specifications
  • opening new possibilities for advanced CAE calculations and simulations by getting data that cannot be found anywhere else
  • improved workflow and communication regarding materials, specifications and properties
  • new opportunities in finding alternatives and material sourcing.

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