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Located near Frankfurt/Main (Germany), founded in October 2000, we offer cross platform software engineering and software development services for the operating systems Microsoft Windows and Unix/Linux. Our main focus is the development of add-on programs and tools for 3D-CAD systems, Product LifeCycle Management Systems (PLMS) and Production Planning Systems (PPS). With our FlexSpooler ProgramSuite we offer a robust and reliable solution for batch processing for the 3D CAD system Solid Edge from Siemens PLM Software with more than 20 unique programs. The suite grows continuously and distinguishes oneself by programs with extraordinary features and high flexibility.

Solutions Overview

The FlexSpooler ProgramSuite is a set of Solid Edge automation programs. With FlexSpooler as a configurable spool program that runs continuously on a single workstation/server with Solid Edge installed. The FlexSpooler process observes configured directories for Solid Edge and also optional data files to sequentially invoke configured Solid Edge automation programs (so called action programs) to process the input files. Available are action programs for file conversion to the file formats: TIF, PDF, PRN, DXF/DWG, IGES, STEP, STL, JT, X_T and VRML. Common to all of these programs is their high flexibility in defining/generating the result file names and files and the option to update the file properties prior to the conversion from external sources. SeDftUpdate allows the complete automated update of outdated drawings, SePsm2Dxf creates a DXF file from the flattened sheet metal model, XProof creates a report of various checks done on your dft/par/psm/asm-files and XLanguage allows, by using a database, the creation, translation and management of multi language texts on drawing files even for east european and asian languages. Most programs support 32/64-Bit Windows and 32/64-Bit Solid Edge and have localized user interfaces and/or log file output in German and English.

The Synergy

The FlexSpooler ProgramSuite adds value to the Siemens PLM Software products Solid Edge, Solid Edge Insight and TeamCenter Express by increasing the customer's productivity and their product's quality.

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