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PROCAD is a leading vendor of software solutions for product data management and document management. PRO.FILE is the company's flagship product.

PROCAD, which is privately owned, has been developing cutting-edge IT systems since 1985, and is partner to more than 800 companies in a wide range of industries, including mechanical and plant engineering, capital goods, and the utilities sector. PROCAD has subsidiaries in Switzerland and the USA. We also have long-term partnerships with companies in Holland, Norway, Austria, Italy and Spain. They provide high-quality services to PRO.FILE customers.

PRO.FILE features an open, cutting-edge architecture that supports all leading industry communication standards, and integrates seamlessly with other product lifecycle management applications. All components and modules required to implement product lifecycle management solutions and to integrate third-party systems (e.g. office solutions, E-Mail, Solid Edge and other CAD applications and ERP) are designed, programmed and enhanced at our in-house R&D labs. As a result, PROCAD has a strong focus on product development and project services. This is reflected in the structure of the organization and staffing – and the reason why quality management and our customer hotline are two of the most important areas of our business.

Solutions Overview

PRO.FILE is a state-of-the-art IT solution for managing all product, design, and developmental data. PRO.FILE is ideal for companies that manufacture complex products. For example, in the plant and mechanical engineering industries.

PRO.FILE provides a central repository for all documents and data related to individual products: from technical specifications, to sketches, to 3D CAD models, to design drawings, to bills of materials, to office documents. It gives users across your enterprise access to all the information they need. PRO.FILE provides rich and powerful functionality for workflow, digital archiving, and knowledge management.

The Synergy

PRO.FILE fits effortlessly into your existing IT landscape, integrating seamlessly with SolidEdge, NX and other CAD and CAE and EDA application. Additional PRO.FILE integrates Office applications and ERP like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, a. o. PRO.FILE provides support across the entire value chain. The result: greater transparency, and more efficient collaboration within and beyond company boundaries.

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