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LTX Software Inc. develops, markets, and supports, in conjunction with UGS, electro - mechanical design integration solutions. These solutions apply to the overlap between the electrical and mechanical design processes of various products. Examples of these products are in the aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, and consumer electronics industries. The design and manufacture of any product that has electrical components and / or systems is a candidate. These solutions provide competitive advantage to our customers, improving their design process by reducing time to market, identifying errors early in the process, and improving communication between electrical and mechanical design disciplines.

Solutions Overview

NX E/Pak is a two way ECAD printed circuit board layout interface that connects most ECAD printed circuit board systems to Unigraphics. The application is oriented for the electrical and mechanical design sectors for the conversion of information between electronic board / component assemblies and plastics / mechanical packaging. The end goal is to significantly improve the ease and quality of data exchange for CAD/CAM users, by enabling concurrent design, catching errors early in the design process and decreasing the time to market.
As a "two-way interface", NX E/Pak assists in the design of both electronic board / component assemblies and mechanical packaging. Whether accepting new designs from or formatting designs for use within an ECAD system, NX E/Pak assures continuity between the printed circuit board layout and the UG assembly.

NX Schematics is an integrated 2D schematic layout package for Unigraphics, you can quickly layout your schematic design, verify its function, add detailed part information, and drive the downstream processes. You can create devices, define the wires and cables to connect them, and produce various reports including connection lists and parts lists.
Functionally, NX Schematics is an integrated 2D schematic layout package for Unigraphics, which permits the user to create and modify a logical design of a routing system such as electrical, tubing, and piping. NX Schematics provides the tools to create, place and edit devices, create connections between these devices, modify the properties (attributes) of the devices and connections, and export the connection information and Bill of Materials (BOM) information to other downstream design applications.

NX Schematics can be used as a standalone application to create the 2D logical design or it can be a front end to 3D physical design providing a powerful design integration tool, as it permits information to be passed between the 2D logical layout and the 3D model. Subsequent 3D designs can also be sent back to NX Schematics for further iteration. NX Schematics can also automatically generate a schematic based on logical data generated by Routing Electrical or other design tool.

As a Unigraphics application, it is compatible with and acts in conjunction with Routing Electrical by sharing and exchanging logical data. Devices and connections can be created from libraries or on the fly from standard UG curves. Connectivity information is retained as the schematic is created and this intelligence is stored with the UG part. The reporting features compile appropriate Bill of Materials (BOM) data and connection lists that describe the logical connections between devices, which can subsequently be formatted to meet various user requirements.

The Synergy

We develop products that fill niches that allow UGS to spend development resources on their core applications. UGS sells our products and then pays us a royalty, therefore generating revenue for UGS. We are constantly upgrading and adding new functionality into our products.

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