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FunctionBay, Inc. provides software and services in the area of multibody dynamic simulation to help engineers achieve better designs. Information derived from simulation (or virtual prototyping) is particularly valuable because: 1) It can be obtained before physical prototypes are built, 2) It can be measured at locations that are not readily instrumented, 3) Outputs from a series of design studies can be produced quickly and efficiently.

FunctionBay, Inc. was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Seoul, Korea. In 2015 the milestone of having over 400 corporate customers was achieved. FunctionBay developers include many engineers with advanced degrees.

Solutions Overview

The RecurDyn software provides advanced capabilities to simulate multi-body dynamics because of its recursive formulation and the implementation of local coordinates. RecurDyn features a natural Windows-based user interface. RecurDyn imports Parasolid geometry from NX and flexible bodies defined by NX Nastran or Model Solution. The controls system interface provides direct interaction with Matlab/Simulink. The application toolkits help you quickly define and simulate: 1) detailed models of chains, belts, and gears, including contact dynamics, 2) the motion of paper, film, or any type of media through machinery with rollers and guides, and 3) off-road tracked vehicles for military and construction use.

The Synergy

The RecurDyn software provides a high-end extension to the NX motion products: Motion and Ideas Mechanism Design. Motion exports a RecurDyn model (both the geometry and the mechanism definition) with a single command, and the resulting files can be directly imported into RecurDyn. . In addition flexible bodies (modal) and meshes that are defined in Advanced Simulation (or Simcenter) for NX Nastran can also be imported in RecurDyn. With the RecurDyn application toolkit the user can add sophisticated chain, belt or gear subsystems to their models. The result is that RecurDyn provides high-end simulation capabilities for mechanical systems in motion, a valuable component of the Siemens PLM Solution for mechanical design.

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