Solutions for Quality Implant Design and Development

Reduce time and ensure FDA compliance, even on advanced processes such as personalized medical devices

Siemens PLM Software offers a full line of product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions to manage your orthopedic and dental implant product lifecycle.

Too often, companies find their portfolio is not aligned with the company growth strategy, they have limited resources for the right projects, or they continue to invest in low priority projects. The traditional budgeting process consumes 20 to 30 percent of management’s time, and does not provide executives with ongoing visibility into a project portfolio or support agile decision-making. Orthopedic and dental implant companies must carefully examine all of their development projects to ensure that product development portfolios make the best use of people, time and money.

Siemens PLM Software’s solutions for portfolio, program and project management give you a way to compare return on investment (ROI), cost, resources and project schedules so you can make informed decisions, keep track of projects and compare them against plans.

The orthopedic and dental implant industry has been under pressure to provide products that are safe and effective for patients. Recalls and product failures can lead to lost revenue, increased costs, and – most importantly – patient harm. Orthopedic and dental implant companies need to be sure they are efficiently developing and manufacturing quality products that meet all requirements in a cost-effective manner. They also need to be aware of new innovations in the industry, so that they can react and compete on a global scale.

Our solutions for automating the image to implant process allow you to create personalized implants in new and innovative ways. Automating personalized implant design and manufacturing is a requirement for orthopedic and dental implant companies that are serious about achieving success. Complex design and manufacturing, stringent requirements, and increasing costs all stand in the way of accomplishing growth and profitability. We provide a robust solution that delivers product traceability and compliance, while reducing design cycle times and manufacturing complexity.

Siemens PLM software’s computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software enables implant companies to efficiently simulate and program the machines required to create complex orthopedic and dental implants.

Effectively managing information created in the requirements, design and compliance process is necessary for success in the orthopedic and dental implant industry. PLM solutions from Siemens enable companies to track and trace every step of the product development process. This ensures the correct product information is available for all involved, including the regulatory agencies, for approval.

Siemens PLM Software leads the industry software for orthopedic and dental implant design, with solutions that are proven, flexible and open.

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