Shipbuilding Program and Product Management

Shipbuilding project management software ensures that decisions and processes are aligned with program requirements and teams are synchronized

Leading shipbuilders around the world have established new program launch records using PLM for Shipbuilding. Using program and product management software embedded in the product lifecycle management (PLM) system, they accelerate ship delivery, boost team productivity and facilitate the use of best practices that mitigate potential risks and eliminate program delays. In addition, by utilizing configuration management, shipyards can seamlessly track the configuration of a ship from concept development through production and across the ship’s entire operating lifecycle.

Through shipbuilding program and product management, you can manage mechanical, electronic, software and simulation data in a single secure environment, which helps you take control of multi-CAD and multi-domain design processes. You can also manage documents including version/revision control, workflow, data links, printing controls, product data and change management. You can manage all relevant ship bills of materials (BOMs), regardless of the ship size and complexity. Whether the ship contains millions of parts or comes in numerous configurations, PLM for Shipbuilding provides advanced project management tools, flexibility and scalability..

With shifting market demands, increasing competitive pressures and resource constraints, shipyards must strive to continuously improve operations and processes. By managing the connection between engineering and construction teams, shipyard planners can streamline operations, boost productivity and maintain quality. When suppliers and OEMs work collaboratively using accurate, up-to-date information, everyone has more visibility into the shipbuilding process while reducing administrative labor costs spent dealing with data exchange issues.

You can ensure product performance with systems engineering capabilities that help mitigate issues, including:

  • Unforeseen costs and manufacturing issues
  • System failures due to subsystem integration issues
  • Interface discrepancies
  • Lack of product data re-use
  • Inability to assess the impact of design or requirements changes that require substantial compromises late in the process

Teamcenter's solution for issue management and corrective and preventative actions (CAPA) enable you to capture, track and manage issues that typically occur during a shipbuilding or offshore project. You can avoid similar issues in the future and optimize the overall reliability of the shipbuilding process.

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