PLM Solution for Power Generation

PLM for Power Generation

PLM for Power Generation

PLM provides enterprise technology for power generation engineering projects including gas, steam and wind turbine development, functional performance engineering and manufacturing.

Gas, steam and wind turbine design and manufacturing software with information and process management enables the delivery of next-generation power assets

In order to meet the global demand for energy, which is expected to double in the next 20 years, innovation in both traditional and renewable energy sources must occur within strict quality and regulatory standards. “Engineered Energy” is our perspective on what energy companies need to do to face today’s challenges, and enable innovation. At the heart of this strategy is the requirement that companies adopt new technology that enables communication and information integration across the enterprise.

The Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Power Generation solution lets global organizations work as a single team to design, produce, support and retire products and assets while capturing best practices and lessons learned. PLM can help you to define a coherent information management strategy by consolidating information from disconnected enterprise tools into an overall management system.

Information and Process Management

To create a business- and process-centric strategy in enterprise information management, it is important to consolidate all mission-critical engineering systems under a controlled configuration management system. This is the core of PLM. All types of enterprise information related to business innovation can be seamlessly tracked throughout the lifecycle, from concept through production to installation and operations. Our PLM for Power Generation solution can help you execute knowledge-enabled utility engineering and maintenance. We provide a global collaboration platform for the design, licensing, commissioning, maintenance and retrofit of power generation capital projects and assets. Leading owner/operators, utility AEC/EPC companies and equipment manufacturers use our PLM platform for collaboration, innovation and information management.

3D CAD and CAE

Gas and steam turbines are commonly used in power generation, and are available in various sizes and mechanical applications. Manufacturers need to produce equipment that is efficient in terms of fuel usage and carbon emissions. Innovation in blade design, turbine thermal efficiency and overall asset performance is a key goal of gas and steam turbine design and manufacturing companies. Siemens PLM Software offers state-of-the-art 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) for blade design, including specialized software for composite wind blade design, as well as mechanical and fluid systems engineering (fuel and gas feed and lubrication). We provide a modern, multi-discipline CAE environment including structural, thermal, flow, motion, and simulation data management. You can validate design intent early in the process and as the design evolves, while capturing design knowledge for easy re-use.

Functional Performance Engineering

The power generation industry is moving to a model-driven configuration environment that can be used to virtually validate the system performance of the turbine before it has even been built. This requires a collaborative systems approach during the design process, where 1D and 3D performance validation tools are complemented with control models and integration models to assess the relevant system performance. PLM for Power Generation delivers a unique combination of simulation software, mobile and lab testing systems, and engineering services to address the functional performance engineering challenges of turbine manufacturers and their suppliers. In early design stage, 1D multi-domain system simulation helps you design and optimize the integrated system as well as components, with complete solutions for cooling, lubrication, fuel injection, shafts, gears, etc. 3D virtual simulation enables a real-life performance analysis and optimization of a component or full turbine for dynamic motion, structural integrity and fatigue, vibration and acoustics. We also have a team of experts can actively support your functional performance engineering projects.

Digital Manufacturing

Manufactures are employing a variety of new technologies to manage the complex and massive electro-mechanical machines that gas, steam and wind turbines have become. Digital manufacturing technology connects manufacturing engineering to the design and test engineering lifecycles, enabling fast and efficient setup of the turbine manufacturing process. PLM for Power Generation provides a comprehensive “all-in-one” turbine manufacturing solution, including:

  • Tooling and fixtures for part preparation, to assist in machining and process definition to verify manufacturability
  • Mold design and verification, including mold flow/fill analysis and tool design validation, for a fast tool design process
  • Tool and casting machining to support high-speed machining for hardened steel tools, automated feature-based machining, and advanced 5-axis programming and simulation
  • CMM (coordinate-measuring machine) programming that supports multiple input sources and creates the output file for CMM inspection machines

Supply Chain Management

Using the JT data format, manufacturers can support the exchange and visualization of multiple CAD software formats. PLM for Power Generation delivers a flexible process for managing master document lists and the transmittal process allowing the exchange data reliably and flexibly with suppliers, partners and customers.

Employee Health and Safety Simulation and Training

Compliance to occupational health and safety requirements of the energy and utilities industry is an important industry driver. The PLM for Power Generation solution offers 3D simulation of ergonomics, as well as ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) software for nuclear power plants.

Siemens is a world leader in power generation. Building on our extensive resources, knowledge and strategic vision, Siemens PLM Software provides a comprehensive solution to support engineering for the power generation industry.

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