PLM for the Oilfield Services and Equipment Industry

PLM for Oilfield Services and Equipment

Digitalization for Oilfield Services and Equipment

Product lifecycle management provides technology to support digitalization of key capital project management processes for the oil and gas industry including equipment design, information management, visualization, manufacturing and delivery.

Oil and gas equipment design, information and change management software enables digitalization of capital project management processes for innovative, safe, and reliable products, projects and operations

The oilfield services and equipment industry is operating in a complex environment while working to meet the demand for energy. Today, a major transformation is underway as oilfield services providers look to find efficient ways of working in order to control costs. To enable this paradigm shift and address changing market dynamics, the entire supply chain of oil and gas industry service providers and equipment manufacturers must harness new enterprise technologies that enable the digitalization of capital project management and ensure fast, safe, reliable, innovative product and process management in a cost-controlled manner. This requires a completely different approach to oilfield services and equipment design, manufacturing and data management.

Engineered Energy” is the Siemens PLM Software perspective on how leading oilfield services and equipment manufacturers will respond to the challenges of this mission-critical industry. They must use state-of-the-art technology to digitalize key processes to drive innovation in new ways of working; connecting the enterprise to the supply chain and managing information in a coherent manner. This vision is supported by the Smart Innovation Portfolio of solutions that enable technological innovation in the oilfield with minimum risk and cost. The Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for Oilfield Services and Equipment solution helps global organizations transform into a “Digital Enterprise” and establish a digital thread of information that is woven from design through production, fabrication, support and retirement.

Capital Project Information and Process Management

To create a business- and process-centric strategy for oil and gas enterprise information management, you must manage all mission-critical engineering systems under a controlled configuration management system. PLM for Oilfield Services and Equipment ensures that all types of enterprise information and project management software related to business innovation can seamlessly be tracked throughout the lifecycle, from concept through production to installation and operations.

CAPA Planning and Execution

Issues are always happening in the field. To find and solve problems fast, you need corrective and preventative action (CAPA) software that helps you capture issues, find solutions and be proactive about risk mitigation. PLM for Oilfield Services and Equipment offers a modern platform for CAPA that gives you the ability to capture, analyze and systematically trace and resolve project issues in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Oil and Gas Equipment Design and Engineering

Key decisions about equipment reliability, cost and safety are made in the oil and gas engineering design phase. Because the quality and cost of products are essential, PLM for Oilfield Services and Equipment provides advanced design software, offering an integrated platform for oil and gas 3D modeling and visualization; 3D computer-aided engineering (CAE); and 1D systems simulation, analysis and test. The PLM for Oilfield Services and Equipment solution enables fast and efficient innovation by allowing engineers to quickly consider design and test alternatives in order to find cost-effective and safe solutions for industry challenges.

Functional Performance Engineering and Test

PLM for Oilfield Services and Equipment provides a unique combination of simulation software, mobile and lab testing systems, and engineering services to answer the functional performance engineering challenges of oilfield services and equipment manufacturers. Early in the design stage, 1D multi-domain system simulation helps you optimize the design and performance of an integrated systems as well as individual components. Providing a complete solution for cooling, lubrication, fuel injection, 3D virtual simulation enables a real-life performance analysis and optimization of a system or component for dynamic motion, structural integrity and fatigue, vibration and acoustics. Siemens PLM Software also has a team of experts who can actively support your functional performance engineering projects.

Oilfield Equipment Manufacturing

Reliability of oil and gas equipment is paramount to industry success, especially as the equipment becomes more complex and technologically sophisticated. Digital manufacturing integrates PLM and various shop floor applications and equipment, enabling the visualization and exchange of product-related information between design and manufacturing groups. PLM for Oilfield Services and Equipment delivers manufacturing process design and execution software that is aligned with the product’s design, helping you maintain cost, quality and reliability standards. This alignment allows you to achieve time-to-market and volume goals, as well as realize cost savings by reducing expensive downstream changes.

Supply Chain Management

Thousands of suppliers must come together in the oilfield to deliver innovative, safe and reliable oil and gas products and services. This global supply chain of partners and suppliers must be able to collaborate securely, effectively and to help design, develop, manufacture and deliver new assets. Using the JT data format, organizations can effectively support lightweight visualization and exchange of multiple CAD software formats. In addition, the energy and utilities catalyst delivers a flexible process for managing master document lists as well as the transmittal process, allowing you to exchange data reliably with suppliers, partners and customers.

Field Support

The oilfield is a complex, 24-hour operation that must be managed to ensure that uptime is always maintained. When problems arise, the PLM for Oilfield Services and Equipment solution helps oil and gas companies respond rapidly to customer service requests by quickly identifying and verifying the engineering configuration of the equipment using a geographic information system (GIS) enabled application.


Siemens PLM Software supports the International ISO Standard 14306 for visualization of industrial data. Our solution leverages neutral data types to distribute and share information throughout the enterprise and supply chain.

Advanced technology plays a key role in helping companies become more efficient in project delivery. The PLM for Oilfield Services and Equipment solution helps oil and gas equipment providers better manage and execute their projects.

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