PLM Solution for the AEC and Infrastructure

PLM for AEC and Infrastructure

AEC and Infrastructure Solution

PLM provides access to the latest knowledge to support process automation in the architecture, engineering and construction industry, for the planning and design of complex buildings and infrastructure projects.

AEC design, information and process management software for BIM projects, operations and processes

Complex projects, extended supply chains, short delivery deadlines and execution delays are all challenges that the energy and utilities industry is experiencing. Architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) companies need help with project planning, project engineering and civil engineering project execution, and information management. “Engineered Energy” is our perspective on what energy companies need to do to face today’s challenges, and enable innovation. It breaks down project complexity and provides a structured approach to execution and risk management. For AEC companies, that means turning to new building information modeling (BIM) technologies.

The Siemens Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for AEC and Infrastructure solution enables a holistic approach to the development of construction projects that improves total project collaboration, synchronization and productivity. The core of our solution is a structured and configured data model that allows you to:

  • Find information fast
  • Trust the information you find because it is under revision and security control
  • Understand the context of the information and how it relates to other information

Business- and Process-Centric Information Management

An open information technology (IT) architecture enables capital project information integration across a variety of enterprise applications and disciplines. This enables access to information such as schedules, requirements, documents, 2D/3D models (multi-CAD data), work breakdown activities, and facilities and supplier information. PLM for AEC and Infrastructure also manages business process execution, including change management, for the planning and design of complex AEC projects.

Tender and Bid Response Management

The frontend bidding and tendering process is where many important decisions are made. PLM for AEC and Infrastructure drives closed-loop requirements and engineer-to-order (ETO) processes. Sales configuration management speeds up the bid response and tendering process for your teams.

AEC Drafting

The AEC industry has high standards for the design and realization of civil engineering projects. Our PLM for AEC and Infrastructure solution includes computer-aided design (CAD) software with a wide range of tools that allow you to quickly and easily create 2D/3D building and civil engineering drawings.

4D Simulation and Planning

PLM for AEC and Infrastructure gives the necessary flexibility to the manufacturing planning organization to construct and manage a manufacturing and construction planning bill of materials (BOM) that is based on and associative to the engineering bill of materials (EBOM), which is essentially the CAD data. It allows the data to be organized and enables metadata to be added, in order to capture manufacturing planning-specific information.

IFC Integrations for AEC Industries

Many companies are looking for solutions to comply with ISO 16739, and solutions for Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) can include translation solutions for your enterprise systems. PLM for AEC and Infrastructure supports IFC configuration and visualization to support building information management.

Our PLM for AEC and Infrastructure solution offers best-in-class software for information management, parametric 3D design solution, digital manufacturing and 6D planning for a modern, enterprise-wide platform to support your BIM strategies.

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