Semiconductor Device Product Lifecycle Management

Solutions for semiconductor requirements management, IP re-use and portfolio optimization to increase research and development productivity, reduce fabrication costs, and improve design quality

Semiconductor device makers are always on the leading-edge of product innovation and the application of the latest technology, but they are realizing that they need to invest more in development lifecycle management capabilities and processes in order to get more out of their research and development (R&D) investments.

To make smart decisions, leading semiconductor design and manufacturing companies have embraced product lifecycle management (PLM) as the unified decision-making platform. Starting from the capture of market needs through design changes and tape-out, Siemens PLM Software provides proven solutions to ensure a high-definition and authoritative source of product and process information throughout the device design and fabrication in a globally distributed value chain.

The industry’s innovative and early adopters of this comprehensive device development and management solution have benefited from capabilities including:

  • System on chip (SOC) and integrated circuit (IC) R&D portfolio optimization
  • SOC and IC design information, program, and requirements management
  • Intellectual property (IP) re-use and legal protection
  • Process management
  • Design for sustainability and compliance
  • The innovative application of mobility and context-aware social development

These customers have gained greater R&D productivity, and the peace of mind knowing that Siemens PLM Software’s solutions ensure the secrecy and security of their IP when shared in an extended value chain.

With PLM, you can achieve real business value in improving time-to-market through:

  • Reducing the tape-out defects and mask set costs
  • Improving IP and design re-use across device programs
  • Improving productivity through effective talent and capacity management
  • Increasing device quality through end-to-end traceability and impact analysis
  • Trusted collaboration among device makers, IP providers and foundries
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