Sustainable Product Development

Sustainable Product Development for CPG

Innovative CPG Product Development

The Siemens PLM Software Sustainable Product Development solution offers a fully integrated product lifecycle management suite to help you develop, manage and manufacture consumer packaged goods.

An end-to-end PLM solution for innovative CPG design, development and manufacturing, including formulation management, displays and promotional packaging

Consumer packaged goods manufacturers face discerning consumers who demand complex, sophisticated new products, as well as continued enhancements to existing products. Responding to these ever-changing customer trends while managing and controlling regulatory compliance, brand sustainability, supply chain complexity, industrial productivity and rising commodity costs are critical success factors for consumer products organizations.

Thus “Delivering the Brand” – a collaborative, holistic and whole product approach ensuring effective full cycle CPG research and development – has become the key to navigating the future landscape of CPG product development.

CPG Research and Development

Investing in high-margin, in-demand products and establishing accurate process tracking programs within the product lifecycle are critical. Transparency and clear visibility into all elements of project planning are required in order to achieve high-level product and branding goals. Adherence to fluctuating and rigid regulations and compliance demands also play a significant role in this process.

The Siemens PLM Software Sustainable Product Development solution for consumer products provides you with full visibility into costing and early-stage regulatory compliance issues, which will save your organization time and money, and ensure knowledge-based decision-making.

Integrated Packaging Design and Label Management

Creating consumer-friendly, modern and sustainable packaging is a core function in delivering the brand. Advanced design, concepts and development capabilities are mandatory. Consumers and retailers alike have a great deal riding on brand image, and ensuring that the packaging, artwork and promotional displays correctly and efficiently convey all elements of the brand are imperative. Furthermore, non-compliant packaging and/or labeling can send a product (and in some cases, the entire brand) to a much-too-early retirement.

The Sustainable Product Development solution gives your business the necessary tools to control the management of these complex processes throughout all packaging design, labeling, artwork and manufacturing phases. This solution provides a refined, automated and technically advanced process, with an end-result designed specifically to help save time and ensure the most efficient, attractive and correct labeling possible.

Efficient Formulation and Manufacturing

It’s not all about a pretty package; the contents must also be substantive. Therefore, most CPG companies understand that a perfected product formula is an incredibly important element in both building and maintaining brand equity. Sub-standard performance, along with product quality issues, can substantially diminish brand value, thus making the manufacturing and formulation process an essential component to sustained success.

Accordingly, key pillars within the Sustainable Product Development solution address these issues. By giving you the ability to formulate and manufacture with confidence, precision and speed, you can integrate and optimize all aspects of the complete CPG research and development process, and ensure that both buyers and suppliers alike obtain the critical knowledge needed to work in collaboration, and factory and operational personnel can effectively manage all development processes in real-time. This results in lot and batch optimization, as well as a reduction in downtime and under-utilized resources. Each of these combine to build the backbone of our solution which, in turn, strengthens the heart of a brand.

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