On-Trend, On-Time Fashion Design Software

Product lifecycle management software for clothing, footwear and accessory fashion design, product development, supply chain collaboration and new product launch

Product innovation is critical in every industry, whether it’s automotive, aerospace and defense, consumer goods, or retail. But in the “fast fashion” retail market, innovation needs to happen constantly, as customer preferences and needs for apparel, footwear and accessory goods change. The challenge is keeping up with this demand, whether you discover it on a trip to Milan or through a social network, and filtering the best ideas into a pipeline of new styles that hits the market at the right time and in the right place.

Siemens PLM Software’s solutions for apparel, footwear and accessories provides buyers, designers, technical designers, merchandisers and senior management with a central location to capture new trends, collaborate across the supply chain, and effectively manage the fashion product development process, so your company always goes to market with the optimal assortment of new styles. You are provided with fashion design software that incorporates decision support, integrated specification management, and value chain collaboration with secure, global access for your entire team. Manufacturers and their supply chain partners are able to collaborate to deliver new styles that customer want, when they want them, and have visibility to emerging risks and opportunities. This ultimately leads to efficiencies that deliver new fashions — whether clothing, footwear or accessories — to the market that are on-trend, and on-time.

Siemens PLM Software helps you react to changing customer and market demands, as well as compliance requirements and the demand for eco-friendly fashion. Our solutions are also scalable, to support multiple merchandise categories. By providing deep and configurable workflow, security and records management capabilities that are among the most thoroughly tested and proven in the industry, you can proactively address your most sensitive and time-consuming compliance, requirements management and sustainability challenges. Combine this with exceptional supplier collaboration, sourcing, and multi-dimensional costing capabilities, and you have the entire solution to manage the myriad of new product development and launch challenges you face across your value chain on a day-to-day basis.

When you have the entire team (design, merchandising, supply chain and manufacturing) working within a unified product lifecycle management (PLM) system:

  • Your product development process becomes more efficient and you can address challenges across your value chain more effectively
  • Customer needs are met
  • Product issues are dealt with immediately
  • Supply chain inefficiencies are rectified as they come up
  • Your global design and development team can more easily collaborate so they agree on designs and a mix of styles faster, as well as navigate through raw materials development approval, lab dips and performance testing swiftly

You achieve faster time-to-market really as a benefit to improving your overall process and connecting your value chain at the earliest stage of trend capture, through development, sourcing and product launch. Ultimately you make smarter decisions resulting in better products that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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