Retail Product Development for Durables, Softlines and Hardlines

Product lifecycle management solutions for new retail product design and launch, including furniture design software

At the heart of good product development is iteration; manufacturers and private label retailers in the durables, hardlines and softlines industry need to model and develop new product concepts quickly. The challenge is always, “How do I iterate faster?”

Siemens PLM Software solutions for retail product design enable rapid product modeling, whether your products are furniture, sporting goods, home goods or appliances. With our unified data structure, open approach, and rich collaboration capabilities, sharing computer-aided design (CAD) models with other designers, product managers, or merchandisers across the globe is easy and fast.

Solutions for Softlines
Softlines manufacturers, like manufacturers of apparel, footwear and accessories, are challenged with multiple seasons in which they need to launch new products to keep their assortment of home goods like linens, towels, and other textiles fresh and interesting to the customer. Although fashion trends in this market might not change as quickly as apparel, footwear and accessories, softlines manufacturers still need to manage multiple global calendars and line plans, collaborate with a complex value chain of designers, merchandisers and vendors. They also need to source the right materials in the right quantities across these seasons.

With our product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions for the softlines market, the product development process is improved through flexible workflows, global calendar management and line planning, multi-dimensional costing and supplier collaboration

Solutions for Hardlines and Durables
In the hardlines and durables markets, the primary challenges are managing customer requirements and the design process. After capturing those requirements, and bringing them to life in a virtual model through a robust CAD system, you need to share large CAD models easily and quickly. Often design teams are in widely dispersed locations, and because they may be working on pieces of a model (such as the shelving of a refrigerator, or the burners on a stove), or may be working in an engineer-to-order (ETO) business such as furniture design, the software system they use must be open, flexible, and perform well. That allows these large models, often designed in different CAD systems, to be quickly viewed and modified wherever the teams are located.

Ultimately, whether producing durables, hardlines or softlines, manufacturers need to make multiple decisions quickly during product design, development, and launch, across multiple seasons and changing customer requirements, in an exceedingly competitive environment. Siemens provides the retail product development platform, built on a single data model in a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that unifies process, performance and people, and simplifies new product development and launch. The end results are smarter decisions and better products, because you always have your product development process closely linked with your demand signals (the voice of the customer) and your supply chain.

Enhancing your innovation process with a retail product design and development solution that merges the virtual and physical worlds speeds your ability to prototype new designs, enables you to collaborate on new ideas, and get to market fast with a product that better meets customer needs. Siemens PLM Software’s solutions for the durables, hardlines and softlines industry allow you to unify data, processes, and resources, resulting in more efficient innovation, better products, and faster time-to-market and time-to-value.

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