Delivering the Brand for Consumer Packaged Goods

Improve CPG product quality management and create intelligent brands through enhanced insight within the packaging, design, formulation and manufacturing processes

Delivering the Brand

Globalization within the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is forcing organizations to re-think development processes, as expansion and ideation are greatly affected by this growth phenomenon. Varying and heightened geographic-based regulations, rapid responses to market trends, and enhanced levels of personalization are imperative in the quest for delivering world-class, intelligent brands.

At the same time, consumers are more discerning, having been bombarded with information and able to access a wealth of education at their fingertips. However, product development double-standards remain:

  • Make it better, yet deliver it faster
  • Make it more personal, yet less complex
  • Make it more luxurious, yet more affordable

The pressures to be first-to-market and among the most innovative never cease. Accordingly, companies must improve operating efficiency while remaining competitive, yet in no way impact the quality of goods sold. Furthermore, ensuring growth while protecting the bottom-line remains critical. This is a calculated balancing act, and presents the need for implementation of a sustainable development process. This includes each element within the research and development (R&D) lifecycle: artwork design, labeling, compliance, recipe formulation, packaging design, manufacturing processes and sustainability.

A key factor in such programs is providing openness and unobstructed insight into the program from beginning to end. As information is exchanged, each piece of data may evolve into a piece of critical knowledge which must be utilized in a holistic, relevant manner. By ascertaining which data is truly knowledge, and implementing accordingly, a more efficient process is realized, costs are reduced and brand risk minimized.

This is the sum of the Siemens PLM Software approach to R&D and product development within the consumer goods industry. “Delivering the Brand” uniquely enables consumer goods companies to help re-examine views regarding brand-building, brand management and the concept of open and complete, full-lifecycle process management.

Innovation in formula and recipe development, product packaging, labeling compliance and manufacturing best practices.

Delivering the Brand through Sustainable Product Development for CPG

By enabling efficient and effective processes to better help you “deliver the brand,” the Siemens PLM Software Sustainable Product Development solution for consumer packaged goods provides a unique, open, beginning-to-end CPG R&D solution.

Key benefits of Sustainable Product Development include:

  • Product development and project management
  • Early-stage corrective action detection
  • Labeling and artwork management
  • Product packaging design and development
  • Manufacturing and supply chain management
  • Product formula development and recipe management
  • CPG product quality management and compliance
  • Automated promotional display and packaging creation
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