ALM and PLM for software-rich automotive products

Webinar on ALM-PLM integration for automotive product development

Event Date: On demand

Today in the automotive industry, innovation is mostly driven by software, and therefore, this requires significant changes in the design and development processes of vehicles. As the industry shifts from predominantly mechanical to now software-driven innovations, it is forcing auto companies to rethink product lifecycle. We all know that the hardware design processes is entirely different from software development processes. Traditionally these two domains were decoupled, and it worked when systems were less complex. But now, they must coexist and share common data.

Software in automotive need a faster product development process that adopts methodology from traditional software engineering and IT. This includes the adoption of agile processes that enables DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

We need digital design, simulations, and modeling of vehicle functionalities that includes mechanical, electrical and software components to thus improve the industry’s innovation potential.

Register to join the webinar on ALM and PLM integration focused on the automotive industry, and learn how to solve your next generation innovation challenges.


  • Michael Azoff, Principal Analyst at Ovum
  • Stefano Rizzo, SVP Strategy & Business Development, Polarion Software a Siemens PLM Software company.
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