End-to-end development of personalized medical devices

Learn how to meet market demand for personalized medical devices using Siemens image to implant process

Duration: 60 minutes

The medical devices industry is experiencing an evolutionary transformation in which diagnostic and therapeutic treatments are increasingly personalized, with patient-specific customization aligned to individual patient conditions, improving therapeutic benefits and in most cases, lowering overall costs.

To support this transformation, medical device companies must evolve their business models to support an engineer-to-order approach in addition to a traditional build-to-stock business. This situation creates the need for business and technical systems that flexibly adapts to both engineer-to-order and build-to-stock delivery of personalized medical products.

How is this possible? With Siemens image to implant process, your organization can automate the process of developing, manufacturing and planning patient-specific products; as well as increasing the efficiency of your traditional build-to-stock business.

Attend this webinar to learn more about our image to implant process for creating personalized devices. This webinar will include demonstrations so you can see the technology in action.

Join this webinar to learn how medical device companies can meet increasing demand for personalized products by automating their development processes

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