Unlocking the Airframe Fastener Management Dilemma

Fastener management is a common and costly bottleneck in the overall design process for airframe assemblies. Traditionally, fastener management has been a manual process plagued by inaccurate fastener definitions and difficulty making design changes. As a result, it is a leading source of manufacturing errors and slips in demanding delivery schedules.

Join Paul Mouland of Vistagy* for this informative webcast entitled: Unlocking the Airframe Fastener Management Dilemma. In this webcast, Mr. Mouland shares proven ways to alleviate these problems with CAD-integrated software that enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the design process and provides an early warning of potential issues in the manufacturing process. He describes how to reduce engineering time by up to 95 percent; improve the accuracy of fastener definitions by eliminating the whopping 40 percent error rate in calculating grip lengths, and reduce the time it takes to update assembly models and generate accurate bills of materials. He will reference results achieved by some of the industry’s largest and most sophisticated aircraft manufacturers.

In this webcast, you will learn how to:

  • Speed up overall assembly development by streamlining the definition of fasteners
  • Rapidly incorporate changes to the design and assess their effects
  • Update the Bill of Materials quickly and easily for use downstream—and improve its value by including essential non-geometric data such as sealants and shims
  • Evaluate and accommodate the impact of composite parts on managing fasteners and meeting design rules
  • Capture, maintain and utilize analysis-driven design limits for fasteners
  • Reduce the number of engineering change orders

Featured speaker:

Paul Mouland
Manager, European Technical Consulting
Vistagy, Inc.

Paul Mouland has been employed by Vistagy for six years, the last three as manager of European technical consulting. During his tenure, he has worked with numerous aerospace companies to implement efficient product development processes around Vistagy software. Prior to that, he served as a technical consultant for Vistagy in the Asian market. Mr. Mouland began his career as an electro mechanical design engineer at SUN Microsystems and has also worked for several PLM and CAD software companies, including PTC and SER. Mr. Mouland holds a BEng (HONS) degree in product design and manufacture from Brunel University.

*Please note: Vistagy, Inc. was acquired by Siemens PLM Software in December 2011 and is now the Specialized Engineering Software Business Segment of Siemens PLM Software.

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