Simulation-driven Design

The age of simulation driven design is here

We are now in an era where simulation is being used to synthesize and define the physical design, rather than to simply evaluate and validate final designs. Innovative manufacturers are taking advantage of advances in simulation technology and development processes from Siemens PLM Software to beat their competitors to market with higher quality, longer lasting products.


The benefits of simulation-driven design

SDD- Aberdeem

Explore the benefits of simulation-driven design through this report from Aberdeen Group. Learn how Best-in-Class companies are increasingly deploying simulation in design to meet cost, time-to-market, and quality targets.

Watch the webinar

SDD Webinar

Register and watch this on-demand webinar to learn how you can embed simulation into your design process to discover unimagined design possibilities, increase design robustness and speed development processes.

Customer Success

SDD Customer Success

Read how Design Automation Associates was able to automate circuit board vibration analysis processes and deploy the process within a designer’s CAD environment. Simulation-driven design through automation led to a 100x faster development process with reduced error.

Generate completely new design concepts

SDD New Design Concepts

Determining the shape of a new part is challenging. Watch this video to see how you can use simulation-driven design to generate completely new, conceptualized part geometry that meets structural performance requirements immediately, yet is lighter than an existing design.

Simulate while designing

SDD NX Design

Analysis groups are often operating at peak capacity, resulting in a process bottleneck, delayed development cycles and increased costs. Watch this demonstration to see how you can easily integrate basic simulation into an environment already familiar to designers so they can quickly assess and iterate on their design’s performance.

Automate simulation processes

SDD Automation Design

Another way to enable simulation-driven design is by automating the simulation process. Watch this demonstration to see how automated simulation processes can help designers build better products faster while reducing the demand for routine analyses on your simulation team.

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