Rail Systems Design, Simulation and Testing

Build comfortable and high-performing rail systems with low environmental impact through simulation and testing

Rail transport is a key element in the mobility of communities, moving citizens and goods in comfort and safety while minimizing environmental impact. However, this type of transport can be a source of noise, vibration and pollution, and might therefore be seen as a potential nuisance or threat to the surrounding infrastructure. Whether you are manufacturing train, tram, metro, subway, light rail or monorail systems, Siemens PLM Software offers a comprehensive, integrated design, simulation and manufacturing environment for rail systems. Our solutions include test and mechatronic design for noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) engineering, durability, thermal and energy management, dynamics, controls development and much more.

Managing the pass-by-noise of trains is a constraint in cities with dense populations, and the functional performance and reliability of rail systems are a major operational concern. Siemens PLM Software offers solutions to predict and to test the noise impact of rail resigns on the environment, as well as verify the effect of countermeasures. Several 3D simulation techniques, complemented by advanced testing methodologies, help you solve noise problems.

To address soaring oil prices and increasing pollution, governments and transportation authorities are exploring alternative options, such as electrical propulsion. Our solutions help rail manufacturers design electromechanical components for optimal performance, while 1D solutions and dedicated model libraries help you optimize the entire propulsion system in early design stage.

Train manufacturers must offer a quiet and comfortable ride. Comfortable seats, low background noise and an optimal design of in-vehicle audio systems add a lot of value to the travel experience, and are seen as key differentiators. Siemens PLM Software offers rail design, simulation and testing solutions to optimize noise and vibration comfort at the seats, and to design audio systems for optimal speech intelligibility. Using 3D simulation, complemented by testing, you can optimize the position and orientation of speakers and choose the best acoustic treatment for the unit’s panels.

Siemens PLM Software solutions help you make smart design decisions, so that your rail systems carry people and freight cheaper, faster, quieter and cleaner.

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