Supplier Innovation through Model-Driven Program Execution

Model-Driven Program Execution

Model-Driven Program Execution

Our solution delivers model-based simulation and validation, fast and efficient design creation, integrated manufacturing validation, and predictable program performance and profitability.

The keys to automotive supplier success are greater innovation, integrated manufacturing, and improved program planning and execution

Mandatory fuel economy and emission regulations, increasing use of electronics and embedded software, as well as management complexity due to increasing globalization, are a few of the key challenges faced by the automotive industry. Vehicle light-weighting, development of alternative propulsion systems and energy optimization, as primary strategies to meet these standards, are driving a greater rate of change in technology innovations and adoption, more complex systems and increased use of embedded software to control them. As a result, new programs require more innovative content, while program visibility and transparency into design status, timing, cost, and part/system validation has become even more critical for suppliers. This can be accomplished by “Executing Program Innovation” through a model-driven approach. Siemens PLM Software’s solution for Model-Driven Program Execution helps automotive suppliers optimize designs through cross-discipline development while improving program visibility and risk management.

Model-Driven Simulation and Validation

With the high rate of change for new technologies and designs in vehicle systems, it becomes critical for automotive suppliers be able to virtually model and validate the performance and behavior of subsystems before physical prototypes are available. This requires a multi-level systems approach, where 1D and 3D performance validation tools are complemented with control models and integration models to assess the relevant system and vehicle performances.

Our integrated CAD/CAE/test environment helps engineers make decisions early in the development process by providing a closed-loop view between requirements, design and verification within and across disciplines, which is critical for ensuring effective integration of new innovations and technologies into the vehicles.

Fast and Efficient Design Creation

Model-Driven Program Execution increases design efficiency to meet market, brand and regulatory requirements. You are provided with comprehensive, high-performance modeling, flexibility in methods for creating designs, and the ability to quickly understand the impact of change and make fast design modifications. You can validate design intent early in the process and as the design evolves. Comprehensive knowledge support enables capture of design knowledge for easy re-use. You also have the opportunity to use the best tool for the design job without having to convert data. Visualization provides a view of products throughout their lifecycle, and allows lifecycle participants to visualize product data in 2D and 3D formats, even when the data is created using diverse authoring software.

Integrated Manufacturing Validation

Improved cost, quality and flexibility in manufacturing are required to take advantage of the new innovations and platforms you need in order to meet regulatory demands in each market as well as customers’ desires for reliable performance and comfort. Siemens PLM Software offers a comprehensive “all-in-one” manufacturing solution for automotive mold design, tooling and fixtures, which supports:

  • Part preparation to assist in machining and process definition to verify manufacturability
  • Mold design and verification including mold flow/fill analysis and tool design validation for a fast tool design process
  • Tool and casting machining to support high-speed machining for hard tool steels, automated feature-based machining, and advanced 5-axis programming and simulation
  • CMM inspection programming that supports multiple input sources and creates the output file for the CMM inspection machines

Predictable Program Performance and Profitability

Automotive suppliers must deliver more innovative technologies and solutions across a global delivery footprint without compromising any of the quality, cost, and timing requirements of their automaker customers. By providing tools that allow you to understand how your product and manufacturing decisions impact the cost of their products, Siemens PLM Software helps you reduce costs, maximize profits, and make good decisions that positively impact the bottom line. Model-Driven Program Execution provides visibility into the timing and status of projects, and drives the execution of projects so that you can avoid the costs associated with fixing last-minute launch or warranty problems. Model-Driven Program Execution makes sure that, as program changes occur, you can respond in the most effective manner, protecting the performance of your program and maintaining your profitability.

Model-Driven Program Execution allows automotive suppliers to realize key business benefits, from faster time to market and reduced cost, to optimized lifecycle efficiency and improved quality and flexibility.

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