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Integrated Automotive Manufacturing Solution

Our solution focuses on supporting all aspects of automotive manufacturing including powertrain, body-in-white, stamping and final assembly processes.

Manage global car programs and execute predictive launches

To launch a new car program successfully, automakers have to achieve their first-time quality goals and avoid unexpected issues during production. Therefore, it is necessary to validate product and manufacturing processes digitally to ensure production rates are achievable and are meeting all quality and dimensional metrics.

In addition, automakers have to ramp-up to volume faster, which requires you to identify and resolve integration issues between different product and manufacturing systems as early as possible. You also have to verify that your supply chain is aligned adequately for global program launch and production ramp-up. Significant cost overruns can occur if labor scheduling, equipment usage and assembly processes need to be changed at the late stages. Therefore, you need to closely monitor cost overrun situations in order to achieve program profitability targets.

Achieving a more Predictive Launch can be accomplished through improved collaborative development of manufacturing systems. Siemens offers a comprehensive Integrated Manufacturing solution to help you manage powertrain manufacturing, body-in-white and final assembly processes on a global scale, ensuring maximum productivity.

Powertrain Manufacturing

Our Integrated Manufacturing solution supports the sophisticated machining requirements of engine blocks, transmissions and drive components. Close adherence to quality and tolerance targets are critical at this stage. Our solution provides PMI-driven machining along with feature-based recognition to ensure the correct tools and machining processes are selected. An integrated set of postprocessors and closed-loop feedback between the shop floor and the NC programmers enable accurate execution of NC programs.

Final Assembly

A critical need in the automotive final assembly operations is the ability to support manufacturing processes that can manage growing product variations. An efficient assembly line that can support several different car models and their variants with minimum disruptions can significantly influence profitability. Furthermore, global vehicle programs require that plant processes across the regions adopt common best practices whenever possible. Our Integrated Manufacturing solution allows re-use of best practices and ensures consistencies between plant processes. Line balancing capabilities ensure that plant equipment is utilized efficiently to support multi-product and multi-variant production. In addition, human simulation and ergonomic analysis tools can be used to make sure assembly processes are safe and efficient.

Body-in-White Assembly

Body-in-white assembly processes require flexible manufacturing capabilities. By validating and analyzing robotic operations digitally, you can significantly reduce equipment installation time. Integrating robotic programming and simulation as part of the product design and manufacturing planning process helps you address body-in-white manufacturing issues quickly and efficiently.

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