Engineering the Aesthetics of Aerospace Seating Systems

Aircraft seat design software streamlines the design and manufacture of aircraft interiors

In response to customer demand for improved comfort and style, manufacturers of aerospace interiors are developing many new aircraft seat styles with a variety of comfort and safety innovations that have significantly increased the complexity of seat systems. With all these innovations, engineers have to manage an ever-increasing amount of information and detail. This information must be accurately captured and easily shared amongst organizations to ensure seating systems meet styling requirements and are efficiently manufactured.

With the constant pressure to reduce physical prototyping costs, shorten time-to-market and comply with regulations, engineers are under tremendous pressure to maintain a competitive edge. Unfortunately, most aerospace seat makers and their suppliers still use outmoded methodologies based on the 2D development of seat trim covers. However, it is now possible for manufacturers and their suppliers to work in a more efficient and productive manner using new design methodologies in aircraft interior design software.

Mastertrim software for engineering vehicle seating and interiors from Siemens PLM Software is design software specifically intended for developing seating systems and interior components, and is fully integrated into commercial CAD systems. It allows engineers to capture a complete digital product definition of a seat system, which accurately and efficiently shares design detail, eliminates extensive physical prototyping and reduces time-to-market. Mastertrim is the first software application that addresses the entire seat engineering process.

Using Mastertrim software, you can accurately capture all aspects of the seat trim cover design, including sew lines and materials, into a single 3D CAD master model. The software also performs a conformance simulation that will assess producibility issues, such as wrinkling, long before a prototype is manufactured. Accurate 2D flat patterns can also be generated from the CAD master model, as well as all data needed for a full assessment of material and labor costs.

If required, flat patterns can be exported for modification in 2D editing software, and then imported back into the 3D master model to maintain an up-to-date and accurate master model definition throughout the entire design and manufacturing engineering process. Documentation such as engineering drawings and sew instructions can be automatically created, updated as changes are made to the design, and shared across the enterprise. With all information and detail together in one 3D model, you can make design changes quickly and early in the development process and then efficiently share information with all engineering teams working concurrently on the seat system.

With Mastertrim software, you can:

  • Increase efficiency and speed of the seat engineering and prototyping processes
  • Efficiently capture all seat design data to create a complete digital product definition
  • Support all phases of the seat engineering process, from styling to production
  • Provide early feedback on design and style changes
  • Verify that styling criteria are met
  • Easily share seat data across the enterprise and with suppliers
  • Reduce costs and time-to-market
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