Product Realization for Aerospace and Defense

Product Realization

Product Realization Solution

An aerospace manufacturing solution that drives improved product quality, optimized production, and shop floor integration for fast and affordable product realization.

Aerospace manufacturing solution supports the entire lifecycle from concept to delivery, enabling concurrent engineering for validating manufacturing feasibility

Aerospace companies need to win business in an environment that is increasingly competitive, both locally and globally. This requires proving your ability to meet target dates and costs in production while delivering products that meet customer requirements. Increasing demand in some sectors, such as commercial aircraft, drives a requirement for higher levels of productivity. You have to take advantage of new materials and processes to build the most competitive products.

Efficient manufacturing within budget and schedule targets is an operational imperative for successful aerospace and defense companies. "Program Execution Excellence" is the Siemens PLM Software perspective on how leading aerospace and defense companies can effectively deliver consistent execution with customers and their suppliers during product realization.

The Product Realization solution from Siemens PLM Software provides aerospace OEMs and suppliers a process-driven aerospace manufacturing solution to enable manufacturing decision-making earlier in the lifecycle and integrate manufacturing considerations throughout each phase of the lifecycle. This closed-loop solution supports early manufacturing planning during the program pursuit and bid process to identify and mitigate risks that could impact overall program affordability. You can verify manufacturing processes, tooling and work instructions virtually, prior to committing hardware.

Concept to Build

During the concept development stage, when you perform systems design and requirements reviews, determining the profitability of the concept is critical. A successful program pursuit requires selecting the concept design that not only meets functional and performance requirements, but also satisfies manufacturability of the concept. You must prove concept viability to your customers by including manufacturing feasibility analyses and capacity plans, as well as learning curve and cycle time estimates. With our Product Realization solution, you can gain greater confidence in your bidding process by including manufacturability analysis of alternative concepts. The solution provides capabilities to perform throughput simulation of production lines, preliminary plant layouts, as well as estimated tooling and fabrication requirements for each conceptual design. Furthermore, quality plans can be added in the concept design to prove program execution success.

Design to Build

When the program is awarded, the next step is to start a detailed design of the product and manufacturing processes. System and subsystem baselines are established to ensure that the program is operationally efficient. Decisions are made regarding the selection of manufacturing processes and tooling. It is essential that, in parallel to the product design reviews, the manufacturing process designs (fabrication, assembly and testing) are assessed to ensure that they meet cost, schedule and quality targets. These design reviews must also include the review of the design and analysis for tooling. Using the Product Realization solution, the manufacturing decision-making process is tightly integrated with the product design activities to ensuring that you can meet design for manufacturability conditions.

Plan to Build

When the design specifications are locked and released, you must also approve production readiness. At this stage, detailed manufacturing planning is performed, which includes capacity planning, detailed plant design, resource allocations as well as an analysis of complete manufacturing systems. The Product Realization solution provides tools and processes to ensure that the build process satisfies the product configuration requirements as defined in the program contract. Furthermore, you can confirm that the manufacturing processes, quality control systems, measurement and test equipment, and training activities are adequately planned, tracked, and controlled. Such a holistic approach to manufacturing and tooling planning and design ensures that any physical and functional configuration audits are properly managed. This is critical for meeting schedule and budget targets, as well as efficient execution of production start.

Build to Deliver

In the production phase, it is critical to ensure that production processes are executed as planned. Efficient tracking and management of production, inspection, delivery and services records ensures compliance with regulation requirements. Our solution helps you transition seamlessly from the manufacturing planning to the build stage. Using shop floor integration and a PLM-MES interface, our Product Realization solution enables accurate communication of work orders and shop floor documentation as the program transitions into production. Also, quality inspection of finished parts can efficiently analyze any deviations from design intent. The solution provides a reconciliation of as-designed, as-planned and as-built information to enable an efficient and accurate delivery of each product.

Deliver to Learn

Continuous improvement is essential. Therefore, aerospace companies need to capture best practices and lessons learned for production improvement and for re-use in future programs. Never paying for the same error twice is critical to improving program execution excellence. Our Product Realization solution provides a closed-loop management of quality data, process templates and change requests, thereby enabling proper traceability and archival of program information.

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