Aerospace and Defense Product Development

Aerospace and Defense Product Development

Collaborative Product Development Solution

Execute all design work using a single CAD solution while exchanging data with customers and suppliers in a neutral format, to optimize resource utilization and meet the changing demands of your programs.

Manage product development and effectively collaborate with customers and suppliers during program development

Increasing global competition, declining defense and space spending, poor program performance and a growing commercial aircraft backlog are the primary trends that are increasing pressure on aerospace companies to have a common, collaborative approach to aerospace product development.

Program Execution Excellence is the Siemens PLM Software perspective on how leading aerospace and defense companies can effectively deliver consistent execution with customers and their suppliers during the program development phase of the product lifecycle. Efficient collaboration throughout the extended enterprise is essential to Program Execution Excellence, because it allows you to react faster to new demands and priorities from multiple customers. Efficient collaboration also reduces inherent timing and quality risks of outsourced product deliverables, by providing closed-loop integration in a secure environment that simplifies execution by suppliers.

Our Product Development solution helps you create products in a collaborative design and analysis environment, to ensure development and delivery of the right product, every time, on-schedule and at-cost. Our solution provides a common product development environment and consistent design methods, integrated specialized engineering software, as well as extended-enterprise access to product data and design applications.

Collaborative Approach to Standards-based Design Processes for Aerospace Product Development

Our product development environment supports “design anywhere”, improving overall staff utilization and reducing overall development cost. You can dramatically improve design efficiency with flexible modeling approaches, automatic part blending, feature creation and re-use of design data with easy geometry adaptation for new products. Legacy data created in other computer-aided design (CAD) systems can be easily modified for use in new designs, eliminating the need for data migration. Our integrated design environment effectively ties the design geometry into analysis and simulation, as well as manufacturing machining and mold development. Our Product Development solution also helps companies eliminate time consuming, non-value added activities associated with receiving, translating and transmitting design data, with workflow-guided automation to ensure common processes throughout the product lifecycle.

Industry-Leading Integrated Specialized Engineering Software

The need for increased operational and fuel efficiency is driving an industry-wide use of composites to reduce weight, improve fatigue and increase corrosion resistance, and thus reduce cost of operation. Fasteners are also a major source of change and rework within aerospace programs. Siemens provides best-in-class solutions to help aerospace companies efficiently design and manufacture complex airframe assemblies and large aerostructures. With our Product Development solution, you can efficiently capture, validate and communicate both the engineering definition and the manufacturing assembly states of an airframe, with a particular emphasis on fastened structures. Engineers can easily author detailed, fine-grain design data for airframe joints, fasteners, holes and specifications to create complete digital product definitions. It captures all non-geometric information related to the assembly, and automates manual processes for efficiently and accurately developing airframe structures. Our Product Development solution supports the entire composites engineering process, resulting in high-performing parts and products delivered on-time and on-budget. The solution is flexible enough to accommodate the demands of designing a wide variety of composite parts and the complete range of materials and manufacturing processes used to create them.

Program-wide Access to Product Data

A single source of product data and easy visualization of designs allows your extended enterprise to access information for downstream uses such as costing, sourcing, manufacturing or service planning. Use of applications with assured migration paths and standards-based, neutral file formats reduces administrative burden and ultimately the overall cost of the program for OEMs and suppliers. Increased efficiency and outsourcing allows you to meet demand and streamline processes to deliver increased throughput.

The Siemens PLM Software Product Development solution for aerospace and defense enables companies and their suppliers to be flexible and responsive with standard design applications and assured migration paths. The result is improved efficiency on existing business, as well as enhanced competitive position on new business opportunities and in new market ventures, resulting in increased profit margins and improved competitiveness.

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