Program Management for Avionics and Defense Electronics

PLM solutions for aerospace electronics to meet all technical and performance program requirements at-cost and on-schedule

The aerospace industry is expected to experience continued growth in most segments for the foreseeable future, which means there will be an increasing reliance on avionics and software providers to deliver competitive products. Whether it is the ever-changing needs of the military or operating in the commercial airways, all vehicle manufacturers and operators, manned or unmanned, will need the latest in avionics and electronic systems. The challenge is to deliver avionics capabilities that meet all the technical and performance requirements at-cost and on-schedule. One other challenge that is shared by almost all avionics and defense electronics manufacturers and suppliers is the need to produce a high-quality product right the first time with as few disruptive, late changes as possible, thus delivering consistently excellent program and contract execution.

Siemens PLM Software solutions for avionics and defense electronics enable you to meet these goals by providing the following critical capabilities:

  • Integrated program planning and execution (IPP&E) with fully integrated technical, cost and schedule requirements
  • Virtual validation for design, manufacturing and service
  • Global supplier management that includes the entire value chain
  • A systems engineering-driven, multidiscipline authoring capability for virtually modeling products
  • Production realization

These capabilities support the creation of single, master source of all data and information that can be used to define next-generation avionics platforms and synchronize a global virtual network connecting designers, developers, manufacturing engineers, production specialists and service/support teams throughout the program or contract. Siemens PLM Software solutions enable avionics original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to execute best-practice processes.

Consistent Program Execution Excellence for Aerospace Electronics

The goal for every aerospace and defense organization is program execution excellence. For the first time, Siemens PLM Software integrates the entire set of requirements and provides traceability from program statement of work (SOW) to the schedule, bid/budget, and on to measuring and tracking actual performance. But only planning and executing is not sufficient because events can occur that require the plan to be adjusted. Fortunately, Siemens PLM Software solutions provide the flexibility to carry out configuration and change management for all product and program information.

Programs experience high design change rates when the product first enters production, and again when it enters service. Siemens PLM Software has the tools to help you significantly reduce these late changes by verifying technical and performance requirements virtually with NX CAE and LMS simulation products, thus ensuring that the product meets all the technical requirements. Virtual verification of production is accomplished with Tecnomatix software, with both plant and process simulation and complete ergonomic assessments.

Adapting to Meet Challenges in Avionics

Avionics OEMs often compete on new programs that require the acceptance of lifecycle performance agreements, which place a premium on software and electronics systems integration. In addition, even though you participate in a complex, global supply chain comprised of diverse suppliers and partners, you are required to respond quickly to changing program and production schedules.

You must be able to adapt to these challenges in order to realize sustainable profit and growth. This requires solutions that provide:

  • Integrated program management
  • Virtual environments to synchronize global design and development, and speed development cycles
  • Supply chain management capabilities to deliver the development and production phases on-schedule
  • Faster production ramp-up
  • Virtual prototyping capable of minimizing physical models, assembly errors and design rework

Collaborative Business Environment

As a technology partner, Siemens PLM Software creates a seamless, collaborative business environment that allows you to:

  • Create information once and maintain it at its source while enabling all users to use the data throughout its lifecycle
  • Manage systems that ensure timely and accurate configuration control
  • Comply with import and export control regulations
  • Ensure adherence to security processes and procedures
  • Have a method for managing contract deliverables, such as contract data requirements list (CDRL) and subcontractor data requirements list (SDRL) delivery
  • Adhere to environmental compliance regulations
  • Guarantee adherence to government infrastructure and data standards

Siemens PLM Software product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions for avionics and defense electronics provide a full range of capabilities for achieving regulatory compliance and program excellence, resulting in increased competitiveness, revenue and profits.

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