Aerospace CAD Software for Airframe Assembly

Siemens PLM Software enables manufacturers to manage the complexities of airframe assembly interfaces with an emphasis on aerospace fastener management

Aerospace manufacturers need technology partners to help them navigate state-of-the-art airframe development. Airframes are extremely complex, and the growing use of composite structures makes them that much more difficult to engineer.

For instance, defining holes and fasteners for today’s complex airframes is crucial to keeping an aircraft program on schedule. Taking an integrated approach to airframe design and assembly is key to making well-informed design decisions so the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of fasteners in a single aircraft – and their location, type, fastening requirements, material and cost – can be effectively managed and communicated throughout the supply chain.

The Syncrofit portfolio of software for airframe assembly from Siemens PLM Software is a production-proven, integrated, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution for managing the complexities of airframe interfaces, with a particular emphasis on fastened structures. Syncrofit has broad capabilities to efficiently author, validate and communicate both the design definition and the manufacturing assembly states of the airframe.

Syncrofit is a family of engineering software applications developed specifically for designing and manufacturing airframes and large aerostructures. Today’s "new world" airframe design calls for digital model-based definitions that minimize the tedious, time-consuming process of creating drawings, while taking into account new composite materials, manufacturing technologies and globally distributed partners. Software from Siemens PLM Software helps you easily author and capture complete digital representations of the airframe assembly and share critical design and manufacturing detail more efficiently across your enterprise and the global supply chain.

Additionally, by using Syncrofit to define aerospace fastener management early in the process, you can provide procurement with precise and up-to-date bills of materials (BOMs) and dramatically compress the fastener management process. Using Syncrofit to manage all the fastener details and the interactions of components within the airframe assembly, you can ensure that aerospace fastener management design rules have been met and that the ripple effect of changes during skin thickness updates are propagated throughout the assembly.

Syncrofit aerospace CAD software enables you to:

  • Employ a single interface for capturing and authoring design details
  • Define information concerning non-modeled parts such as coatings, sealants, labels and inserts
  • Define joint definitions and part relationships
  • Determine fastener specifications and locations to ensure accurate part manufacturing
  • Streamline the supply chain and share detailed data across supplier organizations
  • Develop the inputs for automated hole drilling and fastener installation systems
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