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Tecnomatix is a comprehensive portfolio of digital manufacturing solutions that link all manufacturing disciplines together with product engineering – from process layout and design, process simulation and validation, to manufacturing execution. Built upon the open Teamcenter product lifecycle management (PLM) foundation, Tecnomatix provides the most versatile set of manufacturing solutions on the market today.

Tecnomatix puts digital manufacturing tools at your fingertips so that you can explore, create and share knowledge, and make manufacturing more productive. We offer our software at no charge to students, so that future engineers can learn how to help industries build more efficient factories.

iPad App

Learn more about digital manufacturing with the Tecnomatix 360 iPad App. Walk through a factory floor and learn about Tecnomatix solutions with this interactive tour.

Plant Simulation

Organizations across multiple industries use Plant Simulation to optimize logistic systems by improving material handling and throughput parameters. Whether it is an airport trying to improve passenger baggage handling systems, or a wind turbine manufacturer trying to find more efficient ways to build their turbines, Plant Simulation helps reduce costs and increase productivity.

If you are a student researching discrete event simulation, download Plant Simulation for free now to explore new and interesting ways of optimizing your models.

Tecnomatix Jack

Tecnomatix Jack is a human simulation and ergonomic analysis software that is used by global manufacturers to build safe, efficient and more ergonomic workplaces. Jack allows you to perform reachability, visibility and clearance analysis of manufacturing scenarios using digital human models.

If you are a student interested in ergonomic studies, download Tecnomatix Jack for free now to explore ways to perform human simulation and modeling.

Featured Video

Oakland University student uses Tecnomatix simulation softwareJohn Katona, Oakland University industrial/systems engineering student, uses Tecnomatix for digital manufacturing and simulation.


Plant Simulation Curriculum

The Plant Simulation GUC Compact Modeling course is intended for individuals who would like to become Plant Simulation users.

This is a one day course which includes 177 PowerPoint slides plus the data files. Students will learn how to build, run, and evaluate simulation models, using the free Plant Simulation Student Download or Standard Plant Simulation software.

Expected Key Learnings for students:

  • Organization of Work Centers in the Production Facility
  • Modeling a Process Flow in Manufacturing of Support Housings for Gas Turbines
  • Usage of Buffers and Worker Pools
  • Use of visualization, in support of Decision Making, through display of charts, for understanding impact of change to Process Parameters


Plant Simulation Video Tutorials


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