STAR-CCM+, BDS, SPEED, DARS, STAR-CD Academic Resources

Prepare students in multiphysics simulation through training, technical resources, and class content

Engineering simulation use is growing rapidly across many industry sectors and employers are looking for graduates who understand multidisciplinary CAE software. To fulfill this market demand, academic institutions need to prepare engineering students to meet the higher simulation skill levels demanded by industry.

We understand how both industries and academic institutions use engineering simulation, so have created an academic program designed to give students access to and confidence in using our multiphysics simulation tools.

Our academic program provides access to STAR-CCM+, STAR-CD, Battery Design Studio (BDS), SPEED, DARS, and all relevant add-on’s for optimization, CAD, and more. We combine our cutting edge simulation technology, with access to training and technical support. Our easy to use software with intuitive workflows enables students to progress rapidly and spend more time on projects and research.

Academic Freedom

Use the same software used in industry; there are no mesh or model restrictions. You can use the software for any academic need such as academic research, classes, and student design competitions. In addition to providing concurrent floating licensing via Flexlm, Power on Demand (real time, cloud licensing) licensing for STAR-CCM+ provides users with unique advantages such as the ability to checkout licensing off campus via an internet connection. Either licensing option provides powerful parallel processing capabilities.


Simcenter STAR CCM - Ease-of-use

STAR-CCM+ removes the need to learn and use multiple tools since it interconnects the entire simulation process (CAD, surface preparations, meshing, solvers, run, results, automation, and optimization) within one tool and one interface. Meshing is also easy to setup and refine, yet remains powerful, robust, and pipelines to CAD so that changes to geometry are meshed without user intervention.

Training, Support, & Resources

Simcenter STAR CCM - Training, Support, & Resources

Both faculty and students can learn faster by attending in person training or taking on demand e-learning courses. Topics include STAR-CCM+ foundation, heat transfer, multiphase, optimization, marine modeling, and more! Certification is also available. Other resources include technical support, tutorials, FAQ’s, videos, best practices guides, and example simulations, available through our Steve Portal (registration required).

Class Content

Simcenter STAR CCM - Class Content

Simcenter STAR-CCM+ is easy to use and quick to run: using prebuilt simulations, students can understand and test cause and effect relationships between geometry and flow/thermal/material properties. These virtual labs can be used for classes such as fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, compressible flow, propulsion, and heat transfer. The course content uses the same prebuilt and parameterized approach to learn about mesh dependency and appropriate boundary placement, while other content covers the full CFD workflow, run, and validation of results.

Student Sponsorship

Simcenter STAR CCM - Student sponsorship

We actively sponsor student design teams involved in SAE competitions, Formula Student, Eco Car, Solar Car and more. For more information, or to apply please contact us via the above links.

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