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  1. Shonan Design Case Study

    A single data format from design through engineering
    boosts productivity and reduces rework.

    40k |
  2. icotec Case Study

    PLM system facilitates product and process definition,
    complying with strictest approval requirements.

    38k |
  3. BKL Engineering Case Study

    BKL uses Teamcenter and NX to implement secure supply chain approach,
    significantly improving certification process – from development all the way ...

    41k |
  4. Nemetschek Vectorworks Case Study

    With Parasolid as its geometry kernel, Vectorworks 2009 offers faster
    modeling operations and “no-limits” approach to 3D.

    35k |
  5. Trex Enterprises Case Study

    NX integrated solutions aid rapid development of complex electronics system.

    35k |
  6. Vero International Software Case Study

    Parasolid lets Vero International provide mold and die makers with highly
    advanced mold and die software that is compatible with the widest variety ...

    36k |
  7. Missler Software Case Study

    By leaving geometry kernel development to a trusted partner, Missler Software
    is able to keep its broad line of design and manufacturing applications ...

    35k |
  8. Bentley Systems Case Study

    Parasolid foundation permits geometric modeling for
    buildings that capture the imagination.

    36k |
  9. Formation Design Case Study

    Formation Design tackles projects ranging from the small (high-volume
    consumer goods) to the large (industrial vehicles) – and everything in-between

    40k |
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