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Profitability grows with 90 percent improvement in overall design productivity and 50 percent reduction in operations costs

Om Engineers

Company changes design paradigm with NX, sends graduates to market with real-world experience

Real-world training

Om Engineers provides one of the leading training programs for computer-aided design (CAD), computeraided manufacturing (CAM) and computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines in India. OM Engineers works with sister company Omcam to deliver actual production environment training, including on the shop floor. Featuring a fully equipped tool room and ISO 9001:2008 certification, trainers teach students via real-world projects across industries – aerospace, textile, medical, surgical, agricultural, mechanical, household, toys and games, furniture, pharmaceutical and electronics. Om Engineers is experienced in the development and design of precision plastic, steel and nonferrous metal components as well as the production of complex molds, dies, fixtures, jigs, industrial cams, rollers and more.

Changing marketplace, faltering productivity

Productivity was increasingly faltering. While the design staff was productive, it had become obvious that using non-parametric low-end design software to meet the challenges of a changing marketplace was costing opportunity. Customer orders were increasingly complex. The time required for modeling parts and products and making changes to them was growing. Accuracy, efficiency and productivity were suffering. Moreover, profitability was off plan.

That has dramatically changed with the introduction of the NX™ digital product development solution from Siemens PLM Software.

Considering its business challenges, management decided to seek new technology for its design needs. The company sought technology that would markedly enhance its profit potential while enabling its students to excel in the market upon completing their training.

Speed + ease of use = higher profitability

Most major CAD/CAM/CAE systems were assessed, with speed being the number one criteria in determining the new solution. That meant it had to be easy to use. In fact, the company found NX to be the most user-friendly system across comprehensive disciplines, from design to manufacturing. NX’s model editing capabilities, assembly and animation strengths and parametric features stood out above the other systems. NX’s ability to directly manipulate model geometry was especially important in that a large amount of CNC work is received via data files created using multiple CAD technologies. “We get models from our customers made in other systems,” says Nadeem Ansari, partner at Om Engineers. “It’s common that we receive requests to make modifications to the models, such as changing the corner radius or draft angle or removing or adding certain features like holes or bosses. NX’s model editing technology enables quick and easy changes. With NX, working with foreign data is like working in a native software file format.”

The benefits of NX are significant. “For example, we had a project from Omcam for a mold consisting of punch stripper and housing plate,” says Ansari. “At the last moment when the plates were about to be machined, we received a request to change the draft angle of the mating area between stripper and punch, which would have resulted in other changes, including the size of the housing pocket. Using NX’s parametric linking feature, the task was very easy and the modification was made before the job could be dialed and set, so we lost zero machining time. Before NX, we had very limited options in making modifications to imported files.Often, we literally had to re-create the part from scratch. Now it’s very simple and fast.” Ansari notes, “Making a completely parametric model in NX is like making your design foolproof for any future changes.”

From 10 to 25 designs per month

By moving to NX, productivity is up across product development operations. “We are specialists at designing and manufacturing a variety of injection and blow molds,” says Kirit Nasit, partner at Om Engineers. “We used to design and manufacture 10 blow or injection molds per month but now we can design up to 25 in the same amount of time, as well as deliver other industrial components. NX has helped us substantially increase our manufacturing capacity and achieve a very high level of efficiency.” Management estimates a 90 percent improvement in overall design productivity, with a 50 percent reduction in operations costs. The company has achieved its desired expansion plans. Nasit points out, “With an extraordinarily fast design modification capability and zero waiting time for machines, we were able to add another CNC milling machine on our shop floor. Moreover, our students are gaining knowledge and experience on real-world projects using leading CAD/CAM/CAE technology – NX. And it’s making a significant positive difference in their job placement upon graduation. Most importantly, we are making our targets; profitability continues to grow and the future looks bright.”

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