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Use of NX reduces the product development cycle for vehicle lights by 20 percent while improving design accuracy to more than 95 percent

Specialists in lights

Tianchong Vehicle Lamp Group Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures lights for cars and motorcycles. With four subsidiaries and one branch company, Tianchong also makes decorative components for automobile interiors and exteriors. Located in an area of China known for molds and dies, Tianchong also supplies molds to other manufacturers.

Tianchong has grown rapidly, extending its client base to large automobile and motorcycle manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad.One of the reasons for its rapid growth is management, which believes in China’s ability to develop complex, innovative lighting solutions. Also, the company is constantly introducing advanced technology and modern management practices to improve the company’s ability to innovate.

A third reason for Tianchong’s growth is its choice of Siemens PLM Software as its partner for 3D computer-aided design, engineering and manufacturing (CAD/CAE/CAM). By using Siemens' NX™ software, Tianchong has reduced product cycle times, improved quality and enhanced the company’s ability to compete.

Tight connections with OEMs

As a supplier to the automotive the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market, Tianchong is familiar with the industry’s increasing demands for faster development and higher quality. To meet these requirements, Tianchong strives for close strategic relationships with the OEMs. Since many of them use NX as their design solution, Tianchong implemented NX as its system for product design, tooling design, CAM and finite element analysis. Since adopting NX, Tianchong has established a collaborative development environment with its customers that enables convenient, standard and accurate data exchange.

Tianchong’s product portfolio is large and varied, and the requirements of the OEMs are notably different. Tianchong has created design teams specific to various product types, yet all use NX as their software platform. The strong analysis functionality of NX is used to solve difficult technical problems by analyzing lighting performance and heat flux. NX tools for complex surface modeling allow the company to be innovative in its styling as well as in the performance of its products. Tianchong has created a customized part library using NX. Having the library promotes the re-use of existing components – one of the distinct benefits of the NX-based approach.

3D improves mold design process

The use of NX has transformed the mold design process at Tianchong. Previously, specialists handled mold design and manufacturing. During the development process, numerous engineering changes were requested by customers as well as by design and manufacturing personnel. Timely response was a challenge.

Since introducing NX, mold design, mold analysis and manufacturing design are performed concurrently, shortening the development cycle by 20 percent. This approach also reduces mold manufacturing costs by allowing designers to identify and correct mold problems in the early stage of the design. Another benefit is improved manufacturing efficiency and much less repetitious work. The company has reduced engineering changes by 50 percent. In addition, the use of NX Mold Wizard greatly standardizes the mold design process, which saves time training new staff members.

Tianchong’s goals include becoming a leading representative of China’s component industry and creating a known Chinese brand. Since successfully implementing NX, the company has enjoyed a fast, standardized, highly accurate design process. In fact, the company has achieved greater than 95 percent accuracy for complex designs. Product quality has improved significantly. Losses caused by human errors have been notably reduced while manpower and material resources are used more efficiently. Tianchong’s ability to meet customers’ expectations is attracting notice, and the company’s excellent reputation has been further bolstered. All these factors have given Tianchong a comprehensive improvement across product development operations and form a solid foundation for the company’s long-term success.

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