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Case Study

Accessible 3D information improves power plant operation


A plant information management system built with Teamcenter and Solid Edge improves access to and understanding of critical information

Total plant service

Pomit, a manufacturer of power generation equipment and facilities, provides a wide range of services including 3D plant design, process and instrumentation diagrams, multimedia documentation, and plant information systems. Its customers are Korean power companies.

An example of Pomit’s work is a 3D animation it created for Korea South-East Power Company’s Samchonpo thermal power plant. Pomit was asked to find a better way to describe the assembly and disassembly processes for Samchonpo’s turbine generators 1 through 4. The Samchonpo plant had previously used hard-copy manuals to document these processes, along with some image files stored on a computer. Searching this enormous amount of information was difficult and only a limited number of people had access to it. The customer wanted easy-to-use and more widely accessible 3D information.

No room for error

The equipment at a power generation plant is complex and must be highly reliable. There is no margin for error in the assembly and disassembly tasks; otherwise the consequences typically result in significant time lost and spiraling costs. Pomit’s work at Samchonpo included creating 3D models of the facility, the major components of the 500-megawatt coal thermal power generator, and the assembly and disassembly operations.

The company needed software that would allow them to create accurate 3D models and to manage a large amount of data. Pomit used two solutions from Siemens PLM Software for this project: Solid Edge® CAD software and Teamcenter® digital lifecycle management software. Solid Edge was selected for its ease of use and modeling capabilities. Teamcenter was chosen for its product data management flexibility, outstanding security and ability to handle large amounts of data.

The basic requirements for the Samchonpo project were that it should be based on the equipment at the Samchonpo generator 4 and built using the power generator’s drawings and actual measurements. Solid Edge was used to model all of the power generation equipment. (Different software was used to model the facility.) The 3D animation that Pomit created in Solid Edge shows an overview of the power plant, an overview of the turbine house, the power generation process, turbine disassembly and assembly, and turbine core operations.

Easy information access

Pomit also implemented a plant information management system based on Teamcenter at the Samchonpo facility. This system allows all employees to share information and improves productivity. “Teamcenter enables flexible management of massive amounts of data and offers outstanding security,” says Pomit’s president, Kang Ki Soo. “Teamcenter is the optimal solution for effectively managing data at power generation facilities.”

Pomit plans to further strengthen its use of Siemens technology through enhanced employee training. The company expects the use of Siemens technology to be a very important factor in its ongoing improvement of its communications, productivity and bottom-line performance.

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