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Mobarte enters new market niche thanks to cutting-edge software developed with the needs of small and medium businesses' needs in mind


Small furniture manufacturer sits comfortably with an advantage over other manufacturers thanks to Solid Edge


Mobarte offers integrated solutions for clients looking for efficient and stylish furniture designs. In addition to designing, the company manufactures furniture for a large variety of clients that include decorating and design stores, as well as hotels throughout Mexico, mainly in Queretaro, San Luis Potosi and Guadalajara. The company, which is based in Queretaro, has 18 employees including administrative, design and production personnel. According to Alfonso Diaz, Mobarte’s Director, the company started operations three years ago with very specific plans in mind. However through the use of Siemens PLM Software’s Solid Edge® software they have been able to move orders faster and gain a foothold in new areas they did not originally foresee, like the hospitality industry.

“What I like about Solid Edge is that it was developed with users in mind, understanding their needs,” says Diaz. “It is simple and user friendly, yet powerful and with great options that allow us to easily respond to every customer’s request, even the most difficult ones. That is a key factor if we want to stay ahead of the competition.”

Cost-effective 3D modeling with stylish look

Mexico is a large country with many distinct tourism destinations. Hence, the hospitality industry poses great growth opportunities for any business offering furniture design and manufacturing solutions. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many companies, big and small, trying to enter this service niche.“Competition is growing fiercely, not only from local manufacturers, but also from companies abroad. In Mobarte, we offer integrated and creative responses to our clients’ needs in a very efficient way, which allows us to provide attractive value offers,” states Diaz.

In the traditional way of doing business, a furniture designer would talk to the client and get the general idea of what he or she needs. Based on that idea, a design and a prototype would be developed, a professional photographer would be hired to photograph the model and the photo would be sent to the client for approval. However, Mobarte is far from being conventional. With the use of Solid Edge, the company can create a design, develop a digital render and get approval from the client by having them see the digital image.

The software provides Mobarte the ability to model concepts in 3D, instead of spending valuable development time manufacturing real models – like traditional methods which usually waste materials if the model is not what was actually intended. The team can create accurate 3D CAD models which can be assessed onscreen for suitability. “Solid Edge allows us to create 3D models and renders that are so accurate and stylish that sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between a professional photograph and a render. In fact, nowadays, most of our product catalogue is done with renders, which allows us to be more cost-effective and invest in more important areas of the business,” explains Diaz.

Creative designs tend to include complicated cuts and angles, but Mobarte continues pushing the envelope in this area thanks to the possibility of visualizing individual parts of the design in 3D and accurately detailing what is needed to produce the end product.

Growth with control

Since the company is experiencing increased efficiency, it has also begun to experience exponential growth. Regardless of what could be expected, more orders do not necessarily imply the need to expand the design team. Diaz believes that Solid Edge also allows them to be effective because the program facilitates the work of the designer, allowing him to manage a great amount of information without having to hire additional personnel. Still, the overall team has grown.With more people involved in the process to convert a computer design into an actual final piece on the production floor there are chances to lose critical information, particularly if more than one person manipulates the computer files. Diaz concludes “Thankfully, Solid Edge provides the ability to share information, but with enough control to decrease mistakes due to lack of updates or wrong version information in the design process.”

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