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Case Study

Integrating process engineering strategy

Volkswagen (Process Engineering)

Volkswagen uses Siemens PLM Software solutions to completely integrate engineering processes


Tecnomatix® software is one of the key solutions in Volkswagen’s virtual vehicle program and is already helping VW reduce development time, improve product and process quality and increase communication of product and process data between departments, plants and external engineering partners.

Tecnomatix solutions are helping Volkswagen achieve its virtual vehicle program goals: to reduce development time by reducing the number of iteration cycles and prototype phases; to increase product and process quality; to increase communication of product and process data among departments, worldwide plants and external engineering partners.

Tecnomatix is helping Volkswagen implement an integrated process engineering strategy. Volkswagen uses Tecnomatix from the early planning stage to detailed design and offline programming of manufacturing processes. Integrating upstream with <a title="What is CAD" href="tcm:44-110148">CAD</a> and downstream to the shop floor, Tecnomatix provides a collaborative environment for concurrent product and process development.

Dr. Trac Tang, corporate director of information systems for product creation at Volkswagen AG, stated, “Tecnomatix is helping Volkswagen improve its manufacturing engineering processes by providing the tools to plan a complete manufacturing process with full control and knowledge of what we have and what we can achieve. The collaborative environment enables us to coordinate with our engineering partners and suppliers. We are now able to digitally plan and simulate production processes, balance lines and optimize throughput very early in the preparation of production, and we can store manufacturing processes that can be re-used on the next car program. I believe that in the context of a virtual vehicle, digital process engineering, as supported by the Tecnomatix solutions, will increasingly become an important focus of enterprise strategies.”

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