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JM Mendiola

NX ability to support efficient, precise five-axis machining keeps this Spanish company at the forefront of its industry

State-of-the-art equipment wins business

José Mª Mendiola, S.A., founded in 1982, offers general machining services using state-of-the-art equipment at a modern facility in Andoain, Spain. At present, the company has a staff of 50 working in a 43,00 square-foot factory with 5,000 square feet of office space, all located at a single site enjoying excellent communication and transportation access. Continual investment keeps the company’s equipment and facilities up to date. This, combined with a focus on quality, explains why customers trust JM Mendiola for high-precision jobs. Customers include Fagor, Aceralia, Lazpiur, Echesa, F. Estanda, ITP, Alstom Power and Ecotecnia.

JM Mendiola’s main activities include: CNC turning (vertical and horizontal), CNC milling, CNC boring, five-axis machining (a SNK five-axis machining center with palette changer), surface machining and verification and checking.

Moving to five axes

A year ago, JM Mendiola’s technical office, headed by Jose Mari Zabaleta, was faced with the need to program a five-axis machine. As Iñaki Aizpurua, head of production, comments, “In the past, we machined in three axes but the software we used for that wasn’t able to meet the new requirements of five-axis work. We needed advanced software to be able to get the best performance out of the five-axis machine.”

After evaluating various solutions on the market, the company chose NX™ design and manufacturing automation software. “We chose NX because it appeared to be the most appropriate for machining any kind of part,” Aizpurua says.

Unicad, the local Siemens distributor, is currently assisting the company in commissioning, technical service, licence updating and generation of tailor-made post-processors. This is in accordance with the Siemens strategy of providing a high quality service to its customers through its local and specialized distributors.

Thorough training and fast implementation

The implementation process was preceded by a complete training program consisting of a two-week basic CAD course, followed by how to use CAD to design complex surfaces, two and three-axis CAM and finally five-axis CAM. Once this training had been completed, the system was implemented and production began in two months.

Since installing NX, the company has reaped many practical benefits with its five-axis machining. “We reduced machining time, increased tool life and gained in quality,” Aizpurua says. JM Mendiola currently plans to migrate its existing I-deas™ software to NX and to expand its CAM operations.

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