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Meeting customers' unique needs

Bolzoni Auramo Group (NX)

The ability to manage and combine legacy and current CAD data permits efficient development of custom products

Merging competencies to become a unique partner

Bolzoni Auramo Group was established in 2001 when Bolzoni acquired the Finnish company, Auramo OY. Bolzoni’s history dates back to 1945 with the inventive transformation of USA jeeps into vehicles for farm use. Later it entered the world of lift truck attachments. Founded in 1947, Auramo was originally involved in the production of industrial cylinders and paving solutions. Later it focused on applications for handling paper products.

The combined company, Bolzoni Auramo Group, is a leading producer of attachments for lift trucks. Its history of such rich experience in different fields enables it to function as a partner to leading lift truck manufacturers. This partnership role is supported by the use of advanced design software that allows the group to be part of the product development process from the early stages.

Providing custom solutions

In addition to a wide range of attachments for handling paper and other products, Bolzoni develops solutions to satisfy the specific needs of customers’ special applications.

“Our catalog includes more than 1,700 attachments designed to offer the maximum flexibility and versatility to the lift truck,” explains Pietro Foroni, technical manager at Bolzoni. “When you add the customized attachments that we develop daily, our total number of products is much higher. The Research and Development department is highly committed to innovation in our three main product lines: attachments for lift trucks, lift tables and hand pallet trucks.”

Bolzoni decided to upgrade from 2D drafting to an advanced CAD/CAM system in 1994, before the formation of the new group. “After a thorough evaluation and analysis, we selected the NX™ I-deas™ design solution software,” says Foroni. “Between the ease of learning the program and its versatility, we were quickly convinced that this CAD system was totally able to satisfy our needs.”

NX I-deas greatly improved the efficiency of sharing product information inside the technical office and also with suppliers, resulting in significant time savings. Additional benefits resulted from the use of finite element analysis (FEA). “Having analysis integrated with CAD has been very beneficial,” Foroni says. “In the past, we analyzed and optimized single components. Now entire new products are analyzed. And in situations where analysis results are indispensable in a cooperative design, the data management functionality of NX I-deas (Team Data Manager), coupled with 3D models, allows more people to collaborate on the same project.”

Because of these advantages, Auramo adopted NX I-deas, as well as FEA licenses, as soon as it was acquired by Bolzoni. This has given to the Finnish organization the ability to work in 3D and to evaluate multiple product iterations to arrive at optimized designs. Today Bolzoni Auramo Group uses NX I-deas. Importantly, it was able to make the transition to the advanced product development solution while keeping all of its legacy data.

More data, better data management

“Every year our technical office develops one thousand new products,” Foroni says. “We use NX I-deas Team Data Manager to manage the ‘historical’ archive, and while it has many advantages in terms of saving time, the data is available only for the technical office. For this reason, we have begun a migration to the Teamcenter® software’s product lifecycle management system.”

Teamcenter manages the entire lifecycle of new products, from concept to production, integrating idea management, requirements planning, product development and production information in a digital lifecycle management process. Data that Teamcenter manages includes tables, drawings, CAD models, FEA models, spreadsheets and production drawings. “We anticipate that this will have benefits throughout the company, including a reduction in the product development cycle,” Foroni says. “It will also improve communications with suppliers by allowing us to give them only the information that is relevant for them.”

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