Case Study

Multi-site European mold maker seeks to maximize business operations


FA MAX applies innovative moldmaking technology to leverage production across multiple manufacturing facilities


To enhance productivity and help drive international growth for its parent company, FA MAX sought more effective technology for the design and manufacture of its molds.

Taking knowledge to the next level

MAXGRUP is a Spanish industrial group specializing in the design and manufacture of parts and assemblies, including plastic injection molds, circuit boards and complex assemblies. MAXGRUP consists of four companies in Spain and one in Hungary. FA MAX of Manlleu (Catalunya) designs plastic injection molds and manufactures plastic parts for the group. The parts produced by FA MAX include components for printers, magnetoscopes and office automation products, as well as remote control cases, automotive parts and others.

FA MAX has extensive CAD experience beginning with 2D fifteen years ago and introducing 3D CAD in 1997. However it is the company’s mold design knowledge that sets it apart. In the late 1990s, FA MAX management sought to leverage this expertise to boost the efficiency of the company’s mold design process. Ultimately, the goal was to increase production to take full advantage of its parent company’s significant machining and part manufacturing capacity, thereby providing a pricing advantage for its sister companies within MAXGRUP.

Choosing technology and expertise that exceeds expectations

FA MAX wanted to streamline mold design and manufacturing with a solution that included not only standard parts and assembly management capabilities, but also enabled automation of the mold design process. It wanted a system that utilized industry accepted mold design terminology and workflow, as well as one that enabled the company to easily build into the system its own moldmaking knowledge. The company also needed integrated tooling capabilities with support for high-speed machining.

Several providers were considered in the bid, and the selection process was based on each company’s ability to complete a mold design utilizing maximum automation. NX™ Mold Wizard was selected because it met and exceeded the set criteria. In addition to the software’s strengths, the industry expertise of the Siemens technical team was noted as a significant factor.

Pushing multi-site production to maximum levels

NX Mold Wizard now guides FA MAX users step-by-step through the mold design process. By embodying best practices knowledge in a step-by-step approach, the software ensures repeatability, makes expert knowledge accessible and promotes the most efficient workflow by linking complex techniques into automated sequences.

NX Manufacturing enables FA MAX to quickly and easily program its high-speed mold machining operations. The resultant productivity gains have enabled FA MAX to saturate its manufacturing facilities. International sales have significantly increased. With such optimized production, FA MAX is now considering outsourcing some of its manufacturing production to further extend its business across central Europe.

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