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Use of Solid Edge enables Pedro Sanz to significantly expand its product portfolio and international presence

Pedro Sanz

Company introduces a new range of innovative products to the worldwide HVAC market; product sales notably up

Specializing in air conditioning systems

The corporate group Pedro Sanz can trace its roots back to 1951, when its founder Pedro Sanz Roldán opened an automobile repair shop in Madrid. Half a century later, the shop has transformed into an international organization engaged in the development, manufacture and supply of automotive-related products and air conditioning systems. Pedro Sanz also specializes in automotive heating systems and accessories for buses, specialty vehicles and buildings through Pedro Sanz Clima. Today, Pedro Sanz’ heating, ventilations and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are recognized worldwide.

The corporate group has 150 employees and three factories in Spain, Poland and Brazil. Its products are marketed in several countries throughout Europe, America and Asia. According to the managers of Pedro Sanz, the company’s success is based on its commitment in three domains: innovation and quality, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service. To achieve excellence in these areas, the adoption of advanced technologies, such as Solid Edge® software, a powerful hybrid 2D/3D computer-aided design (CAD) system from Siemens PLM Software, is essential.

Technological renewal to meet new challenges

When the decision-makers of the corporate group Pedro Sanz pushed for expansion into international markets, they quickly realized the need to replace the company’s CAD system. Use of a new product development tool should not only result in the ability to optimize equipment design and create versatile products to meet the comfort needs and preferences of customers, but it should also ensure compliance with the laws of each country.

To ensure a successful system selection process, Pedro Sanz relied on the extensive experience of Siemens PLM Software partner Grupo Medis, a consulting firm with whom collaboration continues today.

Based on Pedro Sanz’ projected marketing expansion goals and Grupo Medis’ recommendations, the company implemented the Solid Edge with Insight™ data management solution in parallel at its three factories.

“Given the variety of our planned target markets and countries, in Solid Edge we found the perfect tool to standardize the engineering and manufacturing of our products in Spain, Poland and Brazil,” explains Pedro Sanz, director of the corporate group. Since implementation, the company has used Solid Edge to develop several research projects intended to improve thermal comfort in transportation. This research allowed the company to deliver pioneering solutions, now widely adopted worldwide. According to Sanz, the use of Solid Edge has been a crucial factor in the company’s success: “Solid Edge allows us to design more quickly and accurately, and to easily modify or adapt the equipment to the particular country’s requirements and to the characteristics of the vehicle.”

Known for its strict adherence to the highest standards of quality, Pedro Sanz is compliant with ISO 9000/2000 as certified by the German institute Tüv Management Service GmbH. To ensure all stringent quality objectives are met or exceeded across the company’s entire product line, Sanz notes that using the integrated data management application, Insight, provides the control necessary to keep the organization’s technical documentation up-to-date for manufacturers, distributors and customers.

Expanding product line; growing industry and market penetration

Using Solid Edge has helped Pedro Sanz to expand and improve its product portfolio. The company’s catalog of offerings features an extensive range of products with highly advanced technological features. Today, in addition to the design and manufacture of heating equipment for buses, the company develops integrated climate control systems for industries that require high technical reliability, including railways. Pedro Sanz’s Spain operation has become the leading supplier of air conditioning in the railroad industry, with such clients as Renfe, CAF and Alstom.

Pedro Sanz’ goals, in conjunction with the implementation of its new CAD technology, have been realized. The company has solidly established itself in several international markets and continues to grow through the successful launch of new and innovative projects.

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