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Use of Solid Edge enables MySIO to handle more work, resulting in a 35 percent year-over-year growth rate


Company significantly increases competitive edge using Solid Edge


MySIO is a small, family-owned business dedicated to providing electrical equipment and manufacturing components across industries. It is one of more than 4 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that represent 52 percent of Mexico’s gross domestic product (GDP) and generates 72 percent of the country’s jobs.

Founded in 2004, MySIO manufactures equipment and spare parts for transformers used by the electric industry. The company’s product line includes resin molding under pressure or vacuum, high-vacuum processing equipment, mechanical equipment, hydraulic systems, and testing crowns for low-, medium- and high-voltage (up to 750,000 volts) transformers.

Like other SMEs, MySIO faces a highly competitive market, where SMEs struggle to survive, especially given the limited human resources and infrastructure typically at their disposal. Daniel Ortuño, one of MySIO’s founders and responsible for the company’s design department, set goals for identifying new business opportunities and strengthening the company’s production processes. To help ensure success, especially considering the company’s diverse machinery, he felt that the company needed a comprehensive computer-aided design (CAD) tool to develop, analyze and assemble parts successfully. He wanted to deploy the best design tool on the market.

In 2010, after an evaluation of the leading CAD tools, MySIO selected Solid Edge® software. Ortuño felt that use of Solid Edge would be particularly helpful in competing with larger companies that dominated the industry, as well as in streamlining the company’s operations.

He was right. Since deployment, MySIO has reduced its design time by 80 percent, and decreased its margin of error by 98 percent. This enabled the company to increase its productivity and more readily handle new projects, including large contract work won against big competitors.

A fast start and rapid results

It only took Ortuño four days to learn how to use Solid Edge and begin reaping the benefits of the software. According to Ortuño, the difference was clear from the start. Use of synchronous technology allowed him to make changes without affecting other components, quickly analyze and create assembly simulations, and significantly reduce errors. Another advantage of using Solid Edge that Ortuño noted is the ability to vividly visualize products, which enables him to show clients designs without the need to develop physical prototypes. Here, the cost savings are substantial.

“For me, Solid Edge is a fast, efficient and easy-to-use tool; it is very comprehensive and has enabled us to reduce design time, virtually ending the errors we had when assembling pieces,” says Ortuño. “It also allows us to visualize all of the pieces before producing them. This enables greater productivity across the company by reducing costs and allowing us to do more projects on a monthly basis.”

Communicating with customers is another very important aspect of the business for MySIO. “Now, the process with the client is much more simple and agile; they send us their requirements or their designs in any 3D format, and we use Solid Edge to immediately manipulate the data,” says Ortuño.

Having the ability to show a digital model enables MySIO to readily illustrate to its customers and prospects the fundamentals of the design. Ortuño notes that this results in a competitive advantage for the company, because the collaboration enables a faster process that helps reduce both costs and time. It also results in a design that has better longevity and a more aesthetically pleasing quality. The improvements ultimately enable the company to offer better designs at a lower cost.

Quick return on investment

Like many other design enthusiasts, Ortuño was accustomed to using a popular 2D design suite. However, MySIO required a more comprehensive platform that would streamline the design process. A colleague recommended Solid Edge with synchronous technology. In trying the software, he was immediately convinced of its value.

“Solid Edge is the perfect tool to develop skills,” says Ortuño. “I had never worked with any 3D software before, but from my initial contact with Solid Edge, I was able to use it and begin drawing. In the year that I have worked with the software, we have completed approximately 50 to 60 projects. The software is quite easy to use. Our first project took us a week and a half to design and only six weeks to produce. With the completion of the first project, we almost covered the cost of investing in Solid Edge.”

By having a better response capacity in the design and production process using Solid Edge, MySIO has been involved in several significant bids, won a number of them and delivered according to plan, thus positioning itself as a reliable, high-quality supplier to a new market segment. Ortuño explains, “We have fought to win projects in which we competed with many companies. We show our designs and offer a lower price, and this has been how we have won several projects, based on better designs and lower costs.”

The company has also eliminated the need for physical prototypes. Using Solid Edge, MySIO is now able to easily analyze components and try different alternatives for its designs, tackling one problem with different and distinct solutions. As a result, it avoids creating prototypes and spending hundreds of man-hours producing them. This also saves materials, which saves money. According to Ortuño, using Solid Edge, users are creating more innovative designs; they have a clear idea of what is required and the type of materials needed.

“Previously, it was exhausting to have the production team waiting for the design, because, without the right tool, it is not easy to determine situations that today are very easy to foresee with Solid Edge,” says Ortuño. “For example, preparing an offset hole could introduce errors in the design and take up to a day to resolve. Now, this kind of situation is resolved at the assembly stage, since the software highlights possible errors. As a result, use of the software has enabled us to significantly reduce our response time.”

He notes that with Solid Edge, the design team, which usually has multiple projects going simultaneously, has a far greater ability to quickly respond to customers’ requirements. Moreover, it has opened up more opportunities to meet new challenges.

Ultimately, the company can now handle substantially more business per month, resulting in a 35 percent year-over-year growth rate.

Eliminating idle time

Before using Solid Edge, valuable time was squandered as the production team waited for design modifications. Today, everyone stays active because use of Solid Edge has allowed the company to streamline its processes. In addition, the design team has set in place protocols that enable it to readily respond to setbacks in an easy and efficient way. In fact, the company is realizing an approximately 80 percent time savings in the design of complex products. On average, it is also reducing errors by 98 percent for such projects.

Expanding into new markets, taking on new challenges

Ortuño notes that use of Solid Edge and support from the Siemens PLM Software team has facilitated business growth and market diversification, as the company can now take on new challenges more easily. Today, MySIO has a large presence in the electric power sector, but it also has clients across diverse industries, including plastics manufacturing, mechanical engineering and food products.

The company can now receive orders and requirements from any part of the world, then produce the requisite machinery and equipment in Mexico. In addition to substantive assignments for customers in Mexico, the company has machinery projects underway for clients in Russia, the United States and Europe.

“We now have a competitive advantage with Solid Edge,” says Ortuño. “Even the best artist can find it difficult to design without the right tool. MySIO is aware of this and that is why we will continue investing in technology to improve and provide better customer service.”

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