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Leading Brazilian fragrance specialist creates exclusive packaging design using Solid Edge

Boticário Group

Greater innovation and speed in package development; improved sustainability through significantly reduced material waste

Two distinct companies

When it comes to the fragrance and cosmetics industry, Boticário Group has two distinct companies: O Boticário and Eudora. Although both companies are involved in the same markets, their portfolio and target audiences differ. The O Boticário brand has been in the Brazilian market for 35 years, with product promotion delivered through a franchise arrangement. On the other hand, the Eudora brand is new and introduces a different style of go-to-market approach, including direct sales, social commerce and flagship stores.

The sustainability factor

In 2005, Boticário Group acquired its first license to use Siemens PLM Software’s Solid Edge® software for product design and manufacturing. According to Rogerio Oliveira, who coordinates packaging development at Boticário Group, Solid Edge was selected because the software addresses the organization’s needs, and Siemens PLM Software distinguishes itself from other competitors in the software market. He explains, “Among the various choices in the PLM (product lifecycle management) sector, we chose Solid Edge because it best met the criteria established by our team. It met the technical needs for the development of our packaging; it is compatible with the market’s other CAD (computer-aided design) solutions; and our trading partners were familiar with the product. These are just some of the reasons that influenced our decision.”

The Boticário Group is particularly committed to sustainability and the positive impact that can be made on behalf of society and the environment through thoughtful strategies and execution. Oliveira explains, “Using Solid Edge as the main tool for our package creation and design greatly facilitates the responsible management of resource use because it minimizes the percentage of errors made during the production of prototypes. Ultimately, this makes a big difference in the amount of materials used.” He adds, “The tools of Solid Edge, especially its parametric capabilities, allow for more experimentation during the technical detailing of the packaging, which reduces the risk of any problems that may arise during the construction of molds and the assembly of products,” says Oliveira.

Oliveira notes that Boticário Group works in a CAD environment that utilizes multiple systems, which makes the synchronous technology functionality of Solid Edge uniquely advantageous: “Using Solid Edge with synchronous technology, Boticário Group has measurably improved its productivity, because there is no data loss during translation,” says Oliveira. “The capability to modify imported data in the same way we edited the original models gives our designers the ability to re-use data. This plays a big role in accelerating project turnaround in a multi-CAD environment like ours.”

Additionally, Oliveira reports that the convenience of exploring different alternatives throughout the package creation process saves time during production. “The biggest advantage is the possibility of making several changes during package development, which means we can create designs using the software and see immediate results on the screen,” says Oliveira. “By using Solid Edge, the finishing process for a new package is much faster and more efficient compared to our prior approach, substantially improving our daily productivity.”

Differentiation optimized by technology

Oliveira notes that the strengths of any CAD software should directly support the performance goals of a business’ product development organization. “The opportunities for creative exploration and operational efficiencies made possible using Solid Edge directly align with the vision of the company’s design and engineering teams. As a result, we are able to design and deliver conceptually unique packages. The tools available allow the creation of any virtual design idea. Oliveira points out that as production proven, 3D design software, Solid Edge provides a significant advantage over other available platforms. “Using the proven technology of Solid Edge allows us to quickly experiment on various solutions during the development of a new packaging design,” says Oliveira.

However, he points out that when the organization was looking for a PLM solution, the main requirement was its ability to help perform volumetric assessments of package designs. Solid Edge readily met this condition.

Other important qualifications included the software’s ability to be easily utilized with Boticário Group’s business partners. “We wanted to facilitate the adaptation of collaborative technology to improve project work with our design agencies,” says Oliveira. “The Solid Edge solution completely satisfied our trading partners.”

According to Oliveira, the use of Solid Edge has substantially contributed to Boticário Group’s overall operational efficiency design through production, collaborative networking with agencies and creation of innovative packaging design. Oliveria concludes, “We want to continue using technological tools that add value to our products. We are always monitoring the latest technology offered by Siemens PLM Software and evaluating the possibility of deploying new solutions. Using Solid Edge has given us an edge in our market; we plan to continually improve on it.”

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