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Creating innovative storage systems using Solid Edge

Eun Grupo

Using advanced CAD technology helps company increase productivity, streamline productivity, streamline communication with customers

Sophisticated storage systems

Eun Grupo focuses on the design and manufacture of products to facilitate the daily professional management of sophisticated storage systems, including diverse applications such as offices, libraries, museums, universities and health centers. The company delivers not only high quality classifi cation systems, but also automated storage solutions. Offering comprehensive services, Eun Grupo’s proven approach is characterized by rigorous project management and collaboration throughout the various stages of development: study, design, manufacture, marketing and installation.

The company is quality-driven. Its quality mandate is readily illustrated by its ISO 9001 certification and three exemplary product lines – file systems and storage, closets and cabinets, and office decor. To ensure continuous quality advancements across these lines, the company has invested heavily in modern manufacturing processes, innovation systems, and two modern production plants. For example, its research and development (R&D) department, staffed by an extensive team of design and space management experts, utilizes an efficiently calibrated 500 square meters of working surface for project development.

Most productive investment

“Our most productive investment is the Solid Edge CAD (computer-aided design) system,” says Aitor Eguren, technical manager at Eun Grupo. The company licensed Solid Edge® software from Siemens PLM Software to create the beautiful form and high-function characteristics inherit in its products. “Solid Edge has been a major advantage for us, especially its advanced 3D capabilities,” says Eguren. “We use Solid Edge in all of our product development processes and its use has contributed to significant design automation breakthroughs. Using Solid Edge has enabled us to become very efficient across our design/manufacture operations, as well as achieve a significant reduction in the time it takes to design our products. With Solid Edge, we have more time to focus on innovation from design through manufacturing and our work reflects it. In addition, Solid Edge has also enabled us to create new applications, which have significantly improved synchronization between our engineering and manufacturing phase, as well as increased the efficient communication with our customers and suppliers. Solid Edge is easy to use. Moreover, with Solid Edge, collaborating with customers has never been better.”

Enhanced collaboration is largely the result of one of Eun Grupo’s most compelling services – its Virtual Showroom, where customers can gain a highly realistic perspective of the solutions proposed by Eun Grupo, including “walking through” the space assigned for storage systems.

Before designs ever make it to the company’s Virtual Showroom, they must undergo thorough quality checks. With the photorealistic imagery and realistic motion simulation capabilities of Solid Edge, the company can quickly and easily detect possible interferences/ obstructions and other issues and resolve them immediately (virtually). “This allows us to quickly present customers with storage solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically impressive from the start,” says Eguren. “Using Solid Edge, improvements to designs are often a matter of ‘fine-tuning’ versus ‘fixing’.”

Expert support

Pixel Sistemas, one of Siemens PLM Software’s partners, provides direct sales, implementation and training support to Eun Grupo. “Thanks to Pixel Sistemas’ expertise in PLM (product lifecycle management), especially its strengths as a software implementer, our adaptation of new and improving technologies has been very successful. This alliance provides strong assurance that the introduction of new software will go smoothly and be successful.”

Quality, technology and growth

In spite of the difficult economic climate, Eun Grupo is focused on growth, especially expansion into international markets. In addition to market expansion, the company’s dedication to quality also represents a key factor relative to future investments. Therefore, Eun Grupo is contemplating additional improvements to its product development environment. The company wants an effective tool to manage product structures, especially in terms of references and codes. Eun Grupo’s preliminary assessment has led it to consider product data management (PDM) technology that is or can be tightly integrated with its CAD system. It also wants a PDM system that will improve and streamline the processes already automated by its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

Eguren concludes, “We are confident that the solutions of Siemens PLM Software and the support of Pixel Sistemas will play key roles in our ability to continuously improve our quality and innovation targets across product lines, and importantly, the Siemens PLM Software/Pixel Sistemas combination will give us a definite edge in meeting our business plans.”

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