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Innovation-driven manufacturer cites Solid Edge as a competitive advantage

Attachment Technology

Use of synchronous technology significantly accelerates product development cycle time

Transformational technology

Attachment Technology Spain, S.A. (Attachment Technology) manufactures and markets equipment accessories for stationary and mobile machinery in the public works, construction, gardening and horticulture industries. Equipment applications include road cleanup, demolition, recycling, excavation, drilling, milling, grinding, sifting, loading, trenching, handling, lifting and transit.

The DIN EN ISO 9001:2000-certified company offers more than 120 types of accessories. This includes more than 1,000 products for both light equipment (less than one ton) and heavy machinery (about 100 tons), including miniexcavators, skid loaders, continuous track loaders, backhoes, excavators, telehandlers, forklifts, dumpers, minidumpers and tractors.

Attachment Technology works primarily with builders, importers and distributors of such equipment mainly in the Iberian Peninsula, but possesses a strong, international production capability. Moreover, applications versatility across equipment lines is critical in order to successfully produce a broad range of accessories. Therefore, the company regularly invests in design and development for both the products of the manufacturers whose interests they represent, as well as their own unique product lines.

Continuous innovation

Investment at Attachment Technology is largely focused on innovation which, in 2004, led the company to acquire its first license of Solid Edge® software from Siemens PLM Software. “Since our first use of Solid Edge, our productivity has continuously improved,” says Alejandro Santiago Linares, manager of the Technical Office at Attachment Technology. In fact, use of Solid Edge was transformational across a number of the company’s important operations. Using the powerful 3D capabilities of Solid Edge, Attachment Technology now designs and develops projects far more quickly and efficiently than with its prior 2D-based process. Creating a 3D virtual prototype with Solid Edge not only enables users to evaluate various alternatives without the need to produce a physical prototype, which saves substantial time and money, but also to simulate the mechanical motions necessary and check for interferences between parts to ensure operational integrity. “Using Solid Edge enables us to continuously advance our quality goals,” says Linares. Making design changes is also easy using Solid Edge. Both small and large design changes can be made without worrying about document generation. Documents are readily produced at the touch of a button. “Using Solid Edge with synchronous technology, our users can modify parts or assemblies very quickly,” says Linares. With synchronous technology, users do not have to choose between constraint-driven or history-free modeling, or have to be a programmer to re-use a model. They also do not need to worry about using data from multiple CAD systems. Moreover, by modifying a design using the software’s 3D capabilities, all project information can be automatically updated. This enables accuracy when designs go into production. Linares explains, “The use of Solid Edge enables a smooth and precise design-through-production process. With Solid Edge, the possibility of errors in manufacturing is greatly reduced, and we save significant money and importantly, time – time that we largely dedicate to innovation.”

Excellent support

Thanks to Siemens PLM Software’s partner, ProCUE, Attachment Technology conducts ongoing product lifecycle management (PLM) software training to help its employees achieve the highest levels of productivity and performance. “It is a great advantage to query ProCUE directly, whether a representative is on-site or in the support center,” says Linares. “This allows our company to resolve any problem quickly and easily.”

Linares concludes, “Using Solid Edge with synchronous technology, our company has gained a measurable advantage in terms of not just cost savings and accelerated design-through-delivery, but perhaps most importantly, in maintaining our innovation edge. We have some pretty cool accessories that provide our customers exceptional functionality and versatility at an attractive price.”

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