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Improving design accuracy to boost productivity and profits

Shivam Industries

Seamless CAD/CAM integration of Solid Edge and CAM Express allows manufacturer to keep pace with the fast-growing demand for its products; company reduces design cycle time by 30 percent

Serving industry across India

Shivam Industries (“Shivam”), an ISO 9001:2000-certified company, was established in 1994. From its beginning as a machine shop, the company later diversified into the production of aluminum pressure die-castings. Its castings are used in automobiles and consumer products, instrumentation, and electrical and pneumatic tools. The company also has a rubber molding division. Shivam products include bellows, gaskets, oil seals and antivibration pads, to name a few.

With a high volume of tools being developed each year, Shivam originally outsourced its design work. There were a number of drawbacks to this, including a lack of data security (caused by sharing proprietary information with third parties), the inability to design a part and tooling concurrently, and design errors that disrupted the manufacturing process. In addition, the company had no way to simulate manufacturing operations. Mistakes were discovered on the shop floor, resulting in scrap and rework.

Seamlessly integrated CAD and CAM

With the goal of bringing design work back in house, and ultimately improving design accuracy and productivity, Shivam began its evaluation of computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) solutions, honing its final assessment to a combination of 1) AutoCAD® software and Delcam software or 2) Solid Edge® software and CAM Express software (from Siemens PLM Software’s Velocity Series™ portfolio).

The evaluation team found the functionality of Solid Edge with CAM Express to be superior in a number of ways. “Only Solid Edge has synchronous technology, which allows designers to quickly edit existing geometry, for faster design changes,” says K. D. Shardul, CEO at Shivam Industries. “In terms of CAM, the Siemens solution supports advanced processes such as core cavity extraction. In addition, Solid Edge offers outstanding drafting capabilities, as well as seamless interoperability between CAD and CAM.” With those advantages, along with the availability of training and ongoing technical support from Expert3D Solutions Private Limited, Shivam was confident in its choice of Solid Edge.

An additional factor in favor of the Siemens solution was the availability of a postprocessor for the company’s TAL vertical machining center, which uses a Siemens SINUMERIK 802D sl controller. “The postprocessor performed perfectly the first time,” says Shardul. “That postprocessor was not available from Delcam.”

Faster designs with fewer errors

Since implementing Solid Edge, 3D design is now the norm at Shivam Industries. “The ability to visualize our designs has improved greatly,” says Shardul. Product drawings received from customers are converted into 3D geometry in Solid Edge. The Solid Edge models are used for process planning and cost estimation. In addition, Solid Edge component geometry is used for tool design in CAM Express, “thus completing the design-to-manufacturing cycle seamlessly,” Shardul adds. “This has reduced tool manufacturing errors.”

Product development turnaround has significantly improved as well. “Using Solid Edge and CAM Express, we have reduced our design cycle by 30 percent,” notes Shardul. “With the greater accuracy provided by modeling in 3D, as well as the direct use of the CAD geometry in the CAM program, fewer errors are found on the shop floor. Specifically, due to the accuracy of Solid Edge drawings, we’ve reduced scrap and rework by 10 percent.”

Overall, the Siemens solution has given Shivam Industries the ability to respond more quickly to its customers (with faster estimates, for example) and a faster time-to-market. According to Shardul, “Solid Edge is allowing us to readily meet rapidly growing market demands.”

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