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Case Study

Leading mold maker accelerates time

Moldes Mendoza

Moldes Mendoza enhances its mold design and production processes with NX Mold Wizard

World-class molds

Antonio Mendoza Ruiz founded Moldes Mendoza in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, in 1972. The company’s goal was to design and manufacture molds for the plastic industry. Today, the company’s mission is to offer world-class molds at a competitive price. The company seeks to keep its customers’ production operations at maximum productivity by delivering the best molds in terms of design, quality and technology.

Moldes Mendoza manufactures products for various industries, including automotive, appliances, packaging and medical equipment. Among its diverse customers are Cubetas y banos S.A. de C.V., Kodak, Bosch, Emerson Electric Co, Continental TEVES, and MEADWESTVACO.

“Siemens PLM Software’s NX helped us become the industry leader in the manufacture of plastic injection molds in our market segment,” says Antonio Mendoza, the company’s general director. “We employ 48 people, including administrative, design, manufacturing, and plastic injection personnel. All of them have a high level of training in their area of expertise to ensure the highest quality products.”

Growing the business

The directive to grow the business and the need to compete in a more dynamic marketplace were the reasons Mendoza decided to examine and benchmark its competition, particularly companies from China. Mendoza was especially interested in the speed with which a number of competitors manufactured plastic molds in large quantities. That is how he came to discover NX™ software and why Moldes Mendoza licensed and implemented NX. “We had immediate results using NX Mold Wizard,cutting our mold design time from weeks to hours,” says Mendoza. Moldes Mendoza implementation included NX software, together with its NX Mold Wizard, an advanced, automated system for mold design, and NX Electrode Design, a specialized application for electrode design.

Using NX, speed and quality became the company’s hallmarks.

Faster and better

For Antonio Mendoza, speed is one of the remarkable benefits of NX. The use of NX resulted in mold design time being reduced from weeks to hours. Mendoza notes, “Since we began using NX Mold Wizard, we have saved 50 work hours per mold.”

The design process for a plastic mold begins with NX. Either the final product is modeled by Moldes Mendoza engineers or provided by the customer. The part’s model is the base for the mold design made by Mold Wizard. NX is used to create the parting line, shut-offs and parting surfaces directly from the part model in order to split the core and cavity. NX also provides a library of standard mold components that are used to design the mold base details.

Mold Wizard literally takes the engineer through the mold design process step by step

The ability of NX to incorporate the knowledge of expert mold designers streamlines the most difficult aspects of designing molds. “This is a real time saver,” says Mendoza. Since Mold Wizard is totally integrated with the NX solution, any design changes to parts that are in the NX library are automatically updated in the mold design. Mendoza points out, “Pre-designed parts also have helped us to significantly cut our design time. In many instances, we can simply use an existing part and change the specifications. The result: our design work is finished in hours versus days. And importantly, the quality is impeccable.”

Handling customer changes

Customers make changes during the production of plastic injection molds, sometimes lots of changes. Every competitor has its own process for dealing with such changes. In the case of Moldes Mendoza, the changes are now handled using Mold Wizard. “This is one of the greatest benefits that NX has brought to the company,” says Mendoza. “Even during meetings with the customer, I can incorporate requested changes, and Mold Wizard updates everything while we drink our coffee.”

According to Mendoza, NX has also helped the company to streamline its processes. The ability of NX to produce bills of materials (BOMs) as well as to ensure that components match perfectly has been especially helpful. “With NX, you can visualize the interaction between components and correct any defect on the design,” says Mendoza.

“In addition,” notes Mendoza, “Phone support for NX is excellent; Siemens makes sure the issue is resolved.”

With mold design time being reduced from weeks to hours and the mold design process significantly improved, Moldes Mendoza is delivering a world-class product to market substantially faster. “The result is satisfied customers and an expanding business,” notes Mendoza.

Looking forward to new challenges

“For Moldes Mendoza, the future challenges are very clear: diversify and increase the industries we serve and the product capabilities we offer,” says Mendoza. “For example, we just added a customer that requires rubber injection. Moreover, I am confident that with NX we can adapt our processes to develop exciting new products and opportunities.”

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