Industry Analyst Coverage of Siemens

What the analysts are saying about Siemens PLM Software

Industry Analysts (also known as IT analysts) are a key influencer in the purchase decisions for our solutions. Here we post a collection of quotes and reports mentioning Siemens that have been published by this important set of market advisors and experts.

ARC Advisory Group: Siemens Adds Digitalization to Electrification and Automation at its Innovation Summit

Image - ARC

ARC attended the Siemens Innovation Day event in Munich on December 7th and came away with this take, including the central role PLM software plays in our customers' digitalization strategies.

CIMdata Review of Siemens Solution at B/S/H


CIMdata agrees with BSH’s view that R&D and Engineering must own PLM as their strategic enterprise platform and also establish a Product Architecture Management Strategy that can carry them forward.

CIMdata Review of Siemens Industry Analyst Conference

Siemens PLM Software continues to execute well, growing faster than the industry average. Throughout the event speakers described and showed examples of how recent acquisitions are being integrated to help customers improve their products and the value they provide.

CIMdata: Siemens Components Conference: A Critic’s Perspective

Third party software solution providers attest to their reliance on Siemens PLM Software’s technology components, such as Parasolid.

CIMdata: Predictive Engineering Enables Systems-Driven Product Development

Siemens PLM Software continues to execute within the overall Siemens corporate strategy for enabling Systems-Driven Product Development. Simcenter™ is Siemens PLM Software’s next major step in evolving cross domain and multi-physics performance modeling, simulation and testing tools as a foundational capability within their Smart Innovation Portfolio of industry solutions.

CIMdata: Siemens to Acquire Mentor Graphics

CIMdata applauds this acquisition and believes that it provides Siemens with a number of strategic advantages. Most importantly, it gives Siemens a strong position in the EDA space, a critical strength in the smart, connected product era. It could cause some issues for some customers using other EDA tools, but Siemens has proven successful at navigating “openness” issues for their software customers over the years and this will help them with this new acquisition.

Schnitger: Siemens Unleashes 3D Printing Potential


Siemens held its annual analyst event in Boston recently, presenting the state of the state for many of the products in its portfolio. One thing that became very clear as the week went on: Siemens AG is making full use of what it acquired nearly 10 years ago.

Schnitger: Siemens Snaps Up Mentor Graphics

More on this after I’ve had a chance to think about it — but, on first glance, I think this makes sense. Our world doesn’t separate the electronic from the mechanical as much as it used to and the ability to design the chip or board as you design the phone or car makes an incredible amount of sense.

Iyno: New Vistas for Next-Gen Product Design


This week, Siemens announced its intention to acquire Mentor Graphics. This combination opens up grand new vistas for next-generation product design, and also may offer new detailed capabilities for designers and manufacturing companies.

IDC: Perspective on Siemens Buying Mentor Graphics


The timing is right with this acquisition for both Siemens and Mentor Graphics: Siemens is looking to expand its design portfolio, connected products are exploding (particularly in the automotive market, where both Siemens and Mentor are strong), and the need for electronic design automation (EDA) has never been higher.

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