Industry Catalyst Series

Accelerating the time and value of each industry implementation while providing an environment for swift adoption of new technology

Companies across all industries are challenged by a number of factors, including increasing product complexity, regulatory requirements, and global development with local requirements. Over the past several years, many organizations have come to appreciate how product lifecycle management (PLM) technology and improved processes can help them overcome these challenges. And just as the vision of what PLM can deliver in the future outpaces today’s technology, many of today’s PLM implementations fail to unlock all of the value potential available from PLM today.

There can be significant barriers that inhibit the rate at which companies receive value from their PLM implementations. Some companies will overcome these barriers and achieve breakaway value. But, even within the same industry, there can be a substantial gap in the value that PLM implementations deliver to similar companies. This value gap for under-performing implementations further reduces the rate at which a company receives a return on their PLM investment.

Also, the evolution of PLM technology should be continuous, but will not be linear. As vendors strive to attain their vision, there will be moments where significant increases in customer value will become available. The faster a company can consume that new technology into their implementation, the sooner they can drive value into the organization. A well-conceived implementation should optimize this consumption and “future proof” the company’s investment.

Siemens PLM Software’s Industry Catalyst Series accelerates the time and value of each industry implementation while providing an environment for swift adoption of new technology. Each catalyst delivers:

  • Industry Best Practices that function as a reference for PLM across the entire product lifecycle in a particular industry. It further provides guidance on how PLM can have a dramatic impact on that lifecycle and breaks down the steps and resources needed to complete a specific complex business process within it.
  • Deployment Accelerators that include recommended product selections, network design decisions, configuration procedures, best practices and training for deployment. Each industry solution has been developed in a real-world environment and thoroughly tested by a Siemens PLM Software industry team. Our customers use these proven implementations to rapidly deploy Siemens PLM Software solutions in production with the assurance that they will perform, scale and upgrade as expected.
  • Open and Configurable Industry Solution Components that allow an implementation team to control the appearance and behavior of a Siemens PLM Software implementation. These may include data model extensions, data structures, validation checks, process semantics and automation, interface style sheets, workflows, defined reports, and more. A properly configured implementation ensures proper adherence to the desired business processes and speeds their adoption.

The Industry Catalyst Series is designed to minimize disruption by delivering industry-tailored, rapid deployments that enable companies to experience the full value of PLM much more quickly.

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