Siemens is a world-class global employer, and with that status comes a number of responsibilities – among them a strong commitment to diversity. We at Siemens PLM Software view diversity as a key business imperative linked to individual and organizational performance and to the success of our customers in the global marketplace. It is through the building of a diverse workforce that variations of thinking, communication styles, skills and behaviors can thrive. By creating a diverse workforce we strive to gain the respect of our employees, our customers and our communities.

At Siemens PLM Software and throughout Siemens, diversity is not just about gender, culture, age or lifestyle. It’s about everything that makes each one of us truly unique – our talents, our ideas, our work and our personal experiences. A winning corporate culture that provides opportunity for personal growth can only be achieved and sustained in an environment that fosters the creativity, productivity and mutual respect of all people. Diversity also fuels our innovation – and it’s innovation that has made Siemens successful for 160 years.

We urge all employees and partners to join us in our commitment to building an environment that will help us attract, develop and retain the very best workforce talent and suppliers. In doing so, Siemens PLM Software will continue to provide outstanding service to all our key stakeholders – customers, employees and Siemens shareholders.


Chuck Grindstaff

Executive Chairman

Tony Hemmelgarn

President and CEO

Bernd Haetzel

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Owens

Executive Sponsor
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Hulas King

Chair Person

Erica Simmons

Vice-Chair Person

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