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  1. Léonce Vieljeux High School Case Study

    Léonce Vieljeux High School develops industrial
    technology skills in partnership with Siemens.

    46k |
  2. South Ural State University Case Study

    Siemens PLM Software solutions enable South Ural State University to establish
    an innovative approach to testing complex components.

    48k |
  3. MUSICOS Case Study

    MUSICOS shows the benefit of using tradition and technology
    with the help of Siemens PLM Software.

    42k |
  4. Technische Universität Darmstadt

    Lösung von Siemens PLM Software vertieft Kenntnisse der
    Studenten im Einsatz führender IT-Tools.

    47k |
  5. University of Leicester Case Study

    Die Nutzung von NX und Teamcenter ermöglicht mehr Innovation,
    höhere Qualität und erhebliche Kosteneinsparungen.

    50k |
  6. University of Surrey Case Study

    Use of Solid Edge enables easy collaboration and learning,
    resulting in excellent on-track performance.

    46k |
  7. University of Brescia Case Study

    With Jack, university improves its strengths in ergonomics.

    45k |
  8. Eucentre Case Study

    NX™ software, NX Nastran and Femap are used to help solve seismic
    engineering problems; also employed to deliver critical data for nonlinear, ...

    48k |
  9. Polytechnical College of San Sebastian - Case Study

    Students acquire invaluable real-world design and
    manufacturing experience using Solid Edge.

    42k |
  10. Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB)

    University provides students with real-world experience for each stage of the
    product lifecycle; graduates adopt cutting-edge PLM tools in the workplace

    44k |
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