New Manufacturing Technologies in NX 11 for Manufacturing

Unlock your full potential using innovative technologies, including robotics machining and hybrid additive manufacturing

New manufacturing software technologies in NX 11 for Manufacturing can help you improve your productivity and create new opportunities to transform your business into a digital machine shop.

Robotics Machining

New Technologies - Robotics Machining

Robotic machining provides more flexibility and dramatically improved efficiency on the shop floor. NX CAM Robotics Programming helps you program robots to perform precise machining-style tasks often done manually. By automating operations such as trimming, polishing, and deburring, you can reduce manufacturing cycle times and improve quality.


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Hybrid Additive Manufacturing

New Technologies - Hybrid Additive Manufacturing

Hybrid manufacturing combines additive manufacturing (metal deposition) and CNC machining into a single environment to create new product designs with speed and precision. By building up complex geometries using additive manufacturing and then machining them for tight tolerances using subtractive manufacturing, you can make new classes of parts and consolidate many set-ups into one. NX CAM provides a complete solution to program the latest hybrid machine tools by DMG MORI, which let you manufacture production-ready metal components on a single machine.


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Line Designer Point Clouds

Line Designer Point Clouds

Line Designer, which allows quick design and visualization of layouts of production lines, now offers point cloud data support, so you can easily compare your physical plant with your virtual plant layout model in NX. Bentley Technology digital point clouds, scanned from existing brownfield environments, can be used to create new plant items or modify plant models after on-site changes.


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